1. Alice Springs, Australia


Uluru, Alice Springs, Australia / Corbis

Zombies may not be bothered by sunburn, but even the mindless undead know that in the outback meat is thin on the ground and kangaroos are tough to catch.

Where there’s no life, there’s hope. As the name would suggest, Alice Springs has a steady supply of fresh water and there’s always bush tucker. Plus, the mighty Uluru serves as a magnificent lookout post.

So when you’re not gunning down zombie herds, you can take in some Aboriginal rock art.

2. Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Colorado


Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA / wikimedia.org

Carved into an actual mountain, Colorado’s Cheyenne Mountain Complex provides a secure fortress against the foot draggers. The military base is bombproof and earthquake-proof.

Amenities include a medical facility, store, cafeteria, and fitness center all protected by 25-ton blast doors. There’s food and water for years, generators to spare, and a lake of diesel oil to power your smartphone.

The site has also been used as a location for Stargate SG-1, Terminator 3, and Dr. Strangelove. So, if there’s time in between pondering the end of human life, be sure to get a selfie. That’s if there’s anyone left on Instagram.

3. Burlington Bunker, Wiltshire

Burlington Bunker, Wiltshire, UK / Edward F O'Meara

Burlington Bunker, Wiltshire, UK / Edward F O’Meara

When the surface becomes too perilous, it’s time to head underground. Built in the 1950s during the height of nuclear armageddon panic, this 35-acre bunker is a virtual subterranean city with space for 4,000 people.

In its heyday, the complex included cafeterias, kitchens, offices, laundries, a hospital, the second largest phone exchange in Britain, and a television studio. While the site would need restocking and refueling to restore it to working order, keep in mind that it has its very own pub!

4. The Andes Mountains, Patagonia

Andes Mountain Range, Patagonia / Shutterstock

Andes Mountain Range, Patagonia / Shutterstock

Nestled in the peaks of the Andes is a string of “refugios.” The famous shuffling gait of your classic zombie would make treacherous climbs here impossible. Hiking boots are beyond them.

Even the nimblest of the undead would find negotiating the famously rickety rope bridges a no go. These cabins provide shelter to a sturdy band of mountain folk who pride themselves on self-sufficiency—creating their own plumbing, heating, and small farms. And for good reason. Because of the snow and mudslides, roads down to larger settlements are impassable for nine months of the year. Hole up and learn the panpipes.

5. Alcatraz Prison, San Francisco

Alcatraz Prison, San Francisco, USA / Corbis

Alcatraz Prison, San Francisco, USA / Corbis

The Walking Dead protagonists had the right idea about shutting themselves in a prison. It may not be a luxury accommodation, but at least it’s secure.

But why choose a prison on the mainland when you can put a surging wall of water between you and hungry mobile corpses?

The once infamous Alcatraz island prison is now a museum. While cafeteria supplies may run low, you’ll never run out of branded gift shop mugs and key chains.

6. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts, USA / Shutterstock

Boston, Massachusetts, USA / Shutterstock

Strange as it may seem, as an urban location, Boston might be just the place. Job site Career Hunter commissioned a report to find out which American location would fare best in the event of a zombie apocalypse and Boston came out in pole position.

Proximity to defense industries and cure-finding medical research infrastructure means that Beantown has the best shot. Even in the worst-case scenario, the Museum of Fine Arts would provide premium looting opportunities.

7. Maunsell Sea Forts

Russss / wikimedia.org

Russss / wikimedia.org

The Maunsell Sea Forts were originally built as gun platforms in World War II. One of the Navy forts has since been occupied by the Bates family, who declared it the Principality of Sealand. The rusting hulk is six miles off the coast of Suffolk and fully equipped with all the comforts of home with a reported sale price of half a billion pounds.

Perhaps with a touch of heavy-handed persuasion, that price could be lowered. Be warned, however. Sealand survived an armed assault by Dutch and German mercenaries in 1978.

8. Palace of Versailles, France

Palace of Versailles, Paris, France / Shutterstock

Palace of Versailles, Paris, France / Shutterstock

Surely one positive about the end of civilization as we know it is that anything is up for grabs. Why cower in fear in a ditch when you can cower in fear in Baroque splendor?

Once the walls are secured, you will then find yourself with 2,000 acres of manicured parkland and pleasure gardens in which to promenade. Or you could dig it all up and plant turnips. Paris is also on your doorstep for daring nighttime raids once the Camembert supplies start running low.

9. The nearest supermarket

Getty Images

Getty Images

Screw it. Why even move? Find your nearest supermarket and barricade the doors.

Live off the finest fresh food, followed by the finest tinned food. Locating a store with a hardware department will also provide every tool necessary for the amateur skull-crushing enthusiast.

Should you get lonely, talk to the automated checkouts about unexpected items appearing in baggage areas. That should stave off insanity.

10. Stay in bed


Purpleblue / wikimedia.org

Whether it’s ghosts, werewolves, or zombies, nothing can get you under the protective shield of comfy blankets.

Be sure to stock enough snacks for a few midnight feasts and power up Netflix. By the time you’ve finally caught up with all those recommendations, the crisis will probably have passed.

Where is your ideal zombie apocalypse escape?

This post was written by Ed O’Meara, an Expedia staff writer.