10 ways to enjoy beachfront dining without worrying about sand in your salad

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From fish tacos to filet mignon—in San Diego, everything’s served with an ocean view

1. Pacific Beach Shore Club

PB Shore Club 2

If you aren’t captivated by the beach bunny wait staff, the view of the waves from the open air deck is even better eye candy. Worked up an appetite on the sand? Go for the Brisket Nacho Fries.

2. Cannonball


If you’ve had your fill of tacos (is that even possible?!), hit up this rooftop sushi bar in Belmont Park. Stay all night—fire pits and potent cocktails will keep you warm if a breeze picks up.

3. JRDN Dining

JRDN Lobster BLT

Chili mango margaritas and similar specialty cocktails indicate that this restaurant is a sophisticated step-up for casual Pacific Beach. At JRDN, you get seafood and sea views with your surf and turf.

4. Pacific Coast Grill

Pacific Coast Grill, Cardiff, CA

Sunset date or business-lunch worthy, you can’t go wrong at this Encinitas restaurant, especially if you order the lobster tacos.

5. Wonderland Ocean Pub

Wonderland Pub UGC


Sunset happy hour is the way to go at this seafood heavy Ocean Beach pub. Bonus: Gluten free and veggie options are readily available.

6. The Marine Room

Marine Room 2

Feeling fancy? Fine French fare awaits you in La Jolla. The Marine Room is so close to the ocean, waves splash the windows on occasion.

7. Draft


This is the closest you can get to legally enjoying some fine San Diego craft beer on the beach. Stop in for a refreshment after a day of lounging in the sun on Mission Beach, or before a ride on the Giant Dipper, a classic wooden coaster located in adjacent Belmont Park.

8. George’s at the Cove Ocean Terrace

Georges OT 1

Basking in the glow of a perfect sunset makes any meal great, but you’re guaranteed delicious food and cocktails at this rooftop La Jolla landmark.

9. South Beach Bar and Grille

South Beach Grill UGC


Locals swear this Ocean Beach spot has the best grilled fish tacos in San Diego. Fresh fish caught each day is topped with a “to die for” special sauce and homemade pico de gallo.

10. Lahaina Beach House

Lahaina Beach House

The San Diego trifecta: beach, burgers, and beer. Enjoy all three in flip-flops and shorts with the locals in Pacific Beach.

What’s your ideal beachfront dining experience?
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