20 Places to encounter Bigfoot

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Searching for sasquatch all over America

The mystery of Bigfoot has puzzled rural residents and scientists for decades. Reports of these tall, hairy forest dwellers have been met with everything from adamant disbelief to rigorous research. Leaning into the mystery, we’ve sifted through news reports, sasquatch archives, and local legends to find the best towns for encountering Bigfoot. Whether you’re just a curious adventurer or a Bigfoot believer, join this romp through the weird and wonderful world of sasquatch sightings. Many of this mysterious mammal’s favorite places are close to enchanting towns and natural wonders, so even if you don’t find Bigfoot this time, you’ll have an interesting getaway.

Before you gather your gear and go in search of proof that Bigfoot is real, remember that these destinations are habitats to hundreds of species of wildlife. If we travel gently, sasquatch will stick around to astound generations of curious campers and hopeful hikers. Ready to put the sass in sasquatch? We’ve gathered a list of “squatchy” towns, cities, and counties in the ten states with the most reported sightings of Bigfoot in the country.* Pack your bags and come decide for yourself whether these local legends are fact or fiction…or just surprise encounters with the neighbors after no-shave November.

1. Washington – 642 sasquatch sightings to date

With 642 sasquatch sightings reported through 2017, Washington is definitely the most active state for our favorite gentle giants! Hey, Bigfoot’s a discerning omnivore. What’s not to love about a stunning coastline, craft coffee, and lots of tasty weeds? Plan a trip to Grant County to attend the annual Sasquatch Music Festival at the Gorge Amphitheatre in gorgeous George. Yes, it’s in George, Washington. Located east of the Columbia River, this small town covers just 1.33 square miles, but the Memorial Day weekend music festival makes this place larger than life.

The folks in Skamania County don’t just accept their gnarly neighbors; they protect them and the other wildlife in the area with local legislation. It’s illegal to hunt Bigfoot here. The small community of Carson is home to natural hot springs and historical 1930s bathhouses, and it’s the location of many Bigfoot sightings dating back to the 1850s. Sounds like not even sasquatch can say no to a therapeutic soak. Reports date back to the 1850s, so be on the lookout as you hike through Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

2. California – 437 sasquatch sightings to date

For the past decade, visitors and locals have reported several sightings in the South Lake Tahoe area. As recently as 2012 and 2014, these reports made local headlines in The Union and on Fox News. According to outdoor adventurers and luxury travelers alike, someone loves to make a lot of noise at night—someone taller and scruffier than your average NorCal resident. But who knows? Maybe Bigfoot is just a tech genius hard at work on a new tree-finding app.

Closer to the coast, Willow Creek in lush Humboldt County—California’s squatchiest county—has been the location of a few sightings as well as an exhibition at the Willow Creek – China Flat Museum. The collection includes popular Bigfoot theories and artifacts, and you won’t be able to miss the museum as you drive by—just look for the towering 25-foot redwood ‘squatch sculpture. Can’t get enough? Chow down at Bigfoot Steakhouse—they serve an omnivore-friendly menu of barbecue, burgers, and even some salads, too, and of course, steaks that could lure sasquatch from the woods!

3. Florida – 313 sasquatch sightings to date

New Smyrna Beach is a quiet beach destination, but every once in a while there are reports of tall animals wandering around the waterfront. In this area, they call Bigfoot the Skunk Ape, thanks to the peculiar odor that accompanies the sightings. Maybe yeti’s North American cousin is just looking for a nice resort shower. Can you blame ’em? Spend a Saturday morning at the local farmers market and pack some snacks for a twilight ‘squatch watch on the beach, or take advantage of the view from JB’s Fish Camp Seafood Restaurant—a family favorite that started in the 70s as a raw bar. Eat Bigfoot’s weight in local Floridian seafood.

Ochopee is home to the stunning Big Cypress National Preserve, where there are several Bigfoot reports and plenty of places to explore the Everglades. The preserve covers over 729,000 acres of swampland and sasquatch is just one of the many species who loves the winding waterways and misty mornings. Hike through the tropical paradise, take a ranger-guided canoe tour, and relax in South Florida’s easygoing atmosphere. You might even see sasquatch from the patio at Camellia Street Grill! The dining area feels like your best friend’s patio right on the waterfront…if your best friend’s next-door neighbors are 10 feet tall and have terrible table manners. 

4. Illinois – 289 sasquatch sightings to date

Incorporated in 1818, Edwardsville is the third-oldest city in Illinois, and the setting of several ‘squatch sightings and footprint findings. The surrounding Madison County has had 23 more Bigfoot reports to date, more than any other county in the state, and the local guide RiverBender.com has kept its finger on this elusive pulse. The trails at Watershed Nature Center are great for observing feathered and furry friends, including Bigfoot! Most of these encounters take place after dark, so this is the place to be if you like your nightlife…on the wild side.

Carlinville has an adorable public square with a gazebo and historical storefronts that could charm even Bigfoot’s enormous socks off. That must be the case, too, as this happens to be the site of many Bigfoot encounters in just the last five years. After a long shift on lookout, huddle at Refuge Coffee House with a comforting cup of joe. We’re convinced sasquatch starts her day with the Highlander Grog to put a little spring in that oversized step.

5. Ohio – 275 sasquatch sightings to date

East Liverpool is the location of Beaver Creek State Park, where two sightings were reported to take place during daylight hours in 2003 and 2008. Bring your canoe for a relaxing float down Little Beaver Creek while you scan the trees for a glimpse of something grand.

Tipp City is located near the Great Miami River, and according to reports from June 2017, a group of friends on a fishing trip spotted a tall 8- to10-foot creature and disrupted surroundings, including broken trees. Scouting out sasquatch tracks is exciting, but you might never want to leave this enchanting historical downtown. Tipp Roller Mill is an awesome venue for live music and events. Thursday nights feature live music from bluegrass and orchestra ensembles. We hear Bigfoot can’t resist a good banjo solo!

6. Oregon – 245 sasquatch sightings to date

In Cave Junction, many people have reported Bigfoot while touring the Oregon Caves National Monument & Preserve, including psychologist Dr. Matthew Johnson, whose well-known sighting received national media coverage in 2000. The Caves are the perfect place to search for ‘squatch, enjoy a family picnic, and indulge in one of the historical Chateau’s famous milkshakes, which apparently bring all the Bigfoot to the yard.

Near Cascade Locks, hikers often see or hear strange creatures while exploring the Columbia River Gorge. This area covers a stretch of Lewis and Clark’s expedition, and was part of the Oregon Trail. Maybe some of the Pacific Northwest’s 19th-century explorers met sasquatch, too! This area is full of natural history, including the ancient and lore-laden stone Bridge of the Gods.

7. Texas – 230 sasquatch sightings to date

Daingerfield is all about peaceful days in the great outdoors, especially at Daingerfield State Park, where park employees saw and recorded Bigfoot in September 2017, according to news outlet My San Antonio. Besides looking for sasquatch, relax by the expansive lake, hike the winding trails, or enjoy a picnic in the company of the park’s other four-legged residents.

Alice may have an unassuming name, but this town has been the talk of the region for over 40 years. Texas is known for doing everything on a large scale, so it’s no surprise that even their small towns would be home to creatures named for their terrific tootsies. Gabriel Guerrero is a Bigfoot investigator, who has been following the reports in this area, and his accounts made the Corpus Christi news in October 2016. Visit this South Texas community to follow some of the most active ‘squatch stories in the state!

8. Michigan – 213 sasquatch sightings to date

Beulah is the location of the Platte River State Fish Hatchery, and the village where the famous Northern Michigan Eagle Cam video of Bigfoot was captured in September 2016. In this video, a tall, hair-covered creature can be seen hiking on two feet along the forest floor, far beneath the eagles’ nest. This footage may be inconclusive for some, but it really makes you wonder, what or who is Bigfoot?

You can’t go any further north in the Upper Peninsula than Seney, where there have been several reported sightings in the forest been Seney National Wildlife Refuge, including an eye witness account published by the Detroit Free Press in November 2016. Wander around these 95,455 acres of secluded marshland, and you’ll understand exactly why sasquatch loves this gorgeous corner of the American North—she’s just looking for a little peace and quiet!

9. Missouri – 139 sasquatch sightings to date

In the past five years, Ellington has been the location of multiple Bigfoot reports. Go for the sasquatch search and stay for the family fun! This town is sitting pretty in the Ozark Highlands with scenic rivers and community events, like a farmers market and music and movies in the park during the warmer months. Maybe you can request a screening of “Harry and the Hendersons” and watch life imitate art.

Branson was featured on Animal Planet’s “Finding Bigfoot” in 2015, as the show’s production team sought eye-witness accounts from locals all over this squatchy state. Want to take the ‘squatch up a notch? Of course you do! Branson’s newest wildlife attraction, Bigfoot on the Strip, opened in 2017, and it’s like a Scottish cattle drive and a rugged safari all in one!

10. Georgia – 132 sasquatch sightings to date

Georgia may be the final state on our Bigfoot bucket list, but don’t worry! Encounters with the wooly colossus have been reported in every state, except for Hawaii (that’s a missed opportunity). Cherry Log, Georgia may be a relatively small community in Gilmer County, but it’s home to Expedition Bigfoot!, a museum dedicated entirely to the mystery of sasquatch. Learn about the most famous investigations and get a little closer to solving the mystery.

Bigfoot’s many visits to Helen might suggest he or she likes pilsner and bratwurst as much as the rest of us! This charming Bavarian mountain town sits on the edge of Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest. There have been several Bigfoot reports on the trails and campsites near the town, specifically along the Appalachian Trail. Start your outdoor adventures at the Anna Ruby Falls Visitor Center for info on the local trails.

 Do you believe in Bigfoot?

 *According to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization and network news updates.

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35 thoughts on “20 Places to encounter Bigfoot”

  1. Thank you for helping us find places to go look for Bigfoot my daughter has been wanting to do for years now and we are finally going to do it. And yes we all believe in Bigfoot.

    1. I do believe in Bigfoot possibility and many other things yet to be discovered. Also I think their are many miss identified sighting reports. Sooner or later we will have our evidence by accident and we will find out just how close they are like us.

      1. I have encountered Bigfoot about 10ish years ago. I had him under 15ft away from me. I know what I saw same with my two friends that where with me. He is big 9 ft or more about 3ft wide at shoulders. He didn’t stink and walked threw brush quieter than a dog. I cut him off on the exit point leaving a camp ground in key peninsula wa. He stopped in front if me for about 5 minutes with his back toward me with little movement. I saw a humanish hairy animal up close. I was aggressive to get proof of its being. But it mentally was calming me down. To a point I lost interest and it was no big deal. But you know it was. It was a now what moment and he turned left and walked off. It was about 2am and I had a softball tourney the next morning. It was 104 degrees that next day and I remembered it’s hair was thin enough to see his light brown skin. My softball team was camping with me and got a laugh out of this but that’s there disballeaf.

        1. A good friend and coworker of my dad claimed to have had an encounter with Bigfoot in the 1970s, in the Crab Orchard Wildlife Refuge. His story was featured in a 1978 Reader’s Digest magazine. His story always remained consistent, and he never waived from it. I totally believe he experienced a Bigfoot encounter!!! Would love to see one for myself some day!!!

    2. Not to be judgmental here but if your daughter is under 15 yrs old at that impressionable age this may give her nightmare’s for a long time etc.if yall happen to run into mr Bigfoot jus sayin. ..Happy Trails

    3. If your in the pacfic nw go to mountains that are not close to town. It’s important to get into the mountains as soon as your vechical can get thru the snow April or May follow a creek or River and look for sighn such as foot prints

  2. I believe bigfoots are real and I would prove it I would live in the woods and take photos and videos of them I wouldn’t be scared either it’s a creature of God you just got to find a way to exist with them.

  3. I’ve seen him in Michigan upper and lower peninsula’s one was 12 feet at least scared the you know what out of me

  4. I do believe in Bigfoot possibility and many other things yet to be discovered. Also I think their are many miss identified sighting reports. Sooner or later we will have our evidence by accident and we will find out just how close they are like us.

  5. The oldest account of Bigfoot was recorded in 986 AD by Leif Ericson and his men. During their first landing in the New World, the Norsemen wrote about manlike beasts that were “horribly ugly, hairy, swarthy and with great black eyes.”

    Among his accounts, Leif told of seeing huge hairy men who towered over him and his men. The “huge hairy men”, according to Leif, lived in the Woods and had a rank odour and a deafening shriek. It should be noted that Leif Ericson and his men describe huge manlike beasts that were loud and foul-smelling and clearly distinct from native peoples. Apparently, Leif had several sightings of the “huge hairy men” before departing the island.

    They called the creature “Skellring”. People believe that the creature “Skellring” is what we know today as Bigfoot. This is the earliest recorded encounter with Bigfoot, or Sasquatch.

    The Norse word “Skellring” is a term of contempt. It means, roughly, a “barbarian.” What is interesting is the word “Hairy.” The Norse were a hairy people themselves, big men with matted hair and beards. Why did they remark on the “Skellring” being hairy? Was it because they were very much hairier than the Norsemen?

  6. Well I have been watching bigfoot programs for yeas now….some people or a lot of people getting attacked by them The trapped that got killed…they are animals and some people think they can just go out there and do some baby talk with them and it will all be good and friendly…I believe there are bigfoots .. but i would be caution if around one as if i would a lion. they are big…they are wild…they are hungry..and can kill…a lot of testasterone in them guys could change in mood at any time because they are in the wild.

    1. It’s just sad now they are now pushing their dna is more human than animals you know why they are humans and if you ate the shrooms and bark they injested you be howling at the moon to .i mean a deer could kill you a raccoon could mess you up pretty badly too No anyone could kill a Bigfoot and any Bigfoot could kill a person are they animals or human savages kidnapping our children we have had proof and it was just screwed up people that’s why they never showed the proof HUMAN but it is another exciting money maker get in on it

  7. My name is Mark I’m 57 years old I was a rock climber for years climbing to the tallest peaks I’m also a fisherman and a mushroom expert I want to believe but with all the sightings from the people it still doesn’t come close to the number of people on acid or drugs I saw one to but I was on my mushroom kick I’m not afraid of anything I don’t even use the trails in the woods I always walked an ran through the woods with bear mace and a sameri sword unfortunately my vision when I walked right up to the harry was a hulucinigen as I reached out to touch it and sadly I know a group of guys that dress up with some awesome suits at 2 to 4 am and can make every vocal I’ve heard on u tube and so can I and I’ll prove it to ya the difference between me an all you Bigfoot guys is while your hiding in your tents or cabins I’d be running towards them my buddy got a suit he looks out through the chest and the eyes on his suit blinks and he can open the mouth when he grunts or screams I’m good at the growls why do you think they run when you pull the guns out and yes they look for the cameras to but I’d love to go out where you think where they are nobody will take me I’m 6 foot 4 an 285 lbs and I’ve walked up on cougar bear deer never when I was bivwacked on the tallest structures in the world have I ever saw anything but like I said I’d love to see what Todd standing has cooked up I can run like the wind and I would to try to catch one if it’s real and he came at me I’d bring him down to my level with my three ft sameri

  8. You need to go to the North West of the Country such as Washing State, or Oregon and walk on the trails, or best you Should plan to camp for a weekend and I promise you that you will see a Sasquatch and I pray that your BigFoot encounter isn’t a violent!!
    Make sure you take your gun. Not for the BigFoot, but for the other wild animals out there I pray that you stay safe!!

    1. I am healthy 67. I am so interested in this. My favorite college classes were history and anthropology. From my personal research I know B foots follow rivers and forests when travelling. They have been reported in almost every state. I understand they have been reported historically by native Americans and Asian mt people. I totally believe. I have heard reports in various places that people see green orbs near ground and up in the air, then suddenly they r gone and a big is standing there. Wait for this!!!, my theory is, they are being seeded here from another planet. I am female. I have also visited the Bigft museum in Cherry Log, GA. Just south of Blue Ridge, Ga. On hwy 515. Its as scarry as it is interesting. I hear Wisc. Campers go in groups camping hoping to see and have seen nights. I hope we both win a lotto, I want a cottage in Wales too.

  9. I grew up in a small town in south Texas. It was close to the Mission river. One day I was going to the river, alone when I saw a cow going crazy. I smelled a bad order. Then I saw this big thing on the ground. It looked at me and ran. I had never seen any thing like this before. I went home and got a rifle. After looking for a little bit I saw it again. I followed it some and saw two more. I have hunted all my life, and did not want to kill them. They saw me again. I went and got some apples and left them for them. I came back a sometime later. They had left me two fish. From that time we exchanged things. This is true!

  10. There real i seen 1 and he seen me….now moving back to that town to live because of the possibilitie i might see him again…

    1. When i was 16 in Sweet Home Oregon i went up parking with two friends. Up on an upper road i went to a call of nature. Being shy, i went about 30 or 40 feet out and started to pee. This crazy whindy howl came from my side and then it sounded like a bull elk breaking thru the brush. I had never heard that houl ever after many years in those woods and never heard an elk at midnight. Scared me so bad i almost messed myself . You figure it out. I cant. But i will never forget it as long as i live.

  11. I have seen Bigfoot twice. Once in Green water Washington, and once on the nachice trail out Jeeping. I once was offered my my father’s old army commander known on YouTube as Johnny Dagger, to see them. Yes , I said THEM. But I declined thinking that there was no chance of Bigfoot existing. Learning I was wrong about 5 moths later, I regret not seeing my favorite gentle giant.

  12. They are real. If the government acknowledged their existence there would be no more logging, oil exploration or anything that would effect their natural habitat. The government would stand to lose trillions of dollars. If 1000 acres of land could be put aside for a small endangered bird like the wood plover what do you think would happen for a missing human link? Men in Black scooped up the terribly burned 8 foot survivor of the California wildfires a few years ago in front of 80 witnesses. I had a close encounter on an Outward Bound trip while attempting to become an Eagle Scout when I was 16 in Colorado on a 3 day solo. They want nothing to do with us since we kill anything that is different than us, but the sick, injured and old will be opportunistic if faced with starvation, and will tear off your feet so you can’t escape and eat you if the choice is starvation.

    1. I would never want to kill them. Some of us supposedly evolved and we are still killing ourselves. They just want to live.

  13. Bigfoot is real, and the evidence is clear. If we only open our eyes we can see this beautiful creature. Lets Go!

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