Do you love earning rewards just by going on a trip? Listen up! The Expedia mobile app was recently updated to include even more features of our popular rewards program so Expedia+ members can now enjoy new ways to pay, save, and earn extra points simply by booking hotels, flights, rental cars, and activities on their smartphone.

Your points, your choice
You can now pay with your Expedia+ points at checkout on the Expedia app. Pay for all or just part of your hotel stay, including taxes and fees. Use as many or as few points as you like!

Balance boost
Earn triple Expedia+ points on any cash balance not paid with points. Start replenishing your points balance even when you spend them!


Double rewards for +VIP
It pays to travel in style. Receive double the monetary value for your Expedia+ points at +VIP Access hotels, our hand-selected network of premium hotels around the globe.

Combine points with coupons
Combine Expedia+ points with coupons for even bigger savings. You can always check out our deals page for a list of current promotions.

Keep track of your rewards
Easily view your points balance and tier status right in your user profile of the Expedia app when you are signed into your account.

If you’re not already an Expedia+ member, visit to log in or create a new account and sign up for the program so you can begin earning points on travel booked with Expedia. Learn more about how Expedia’s loyalty program works including benefits at a glance here:

Don’t forget to download the Expedia mobile app from the App Store and Google Play to plan, book, and manage travel on the go—and to tap into the great savings and tips for your Expedia+ points!

What are your favorite Expedia app features?