Savoring a hot bowl of stew after a hike through the Atlas Mountains, sipping the perfect beer in a packed bar in Oslo, or finding new varietals in the hills of South Africa—the best culinary experiences are more than just a meal. They’re a gateway to learning about a new culture. From local-led cooking classes to high-brow tea sessions in colonial-era hotels, there’s always another foodie adventure around the corner. Looking for a bit of inspiration to pique your appetite? Here’s a list of some of our favorites from around the globe.

Moroccan Cooking Class in the Atlas Mountains

Dive into the flavors of Morocco with a cooking lesson taught by locals. From Marrakesh, travel south into the rugged peaks of the Atlas Mountains. In the shadow of Toubkal mountain, join a family in their kitchen for a hands-on cooking course dedicated to classic Moroccan dishes. Learn about regional ingredients, pick up a few pointers on preparation, and then tuck into your creations while chatting about life in this stunning environment. Afterward, stretch your legs with a leisurely stroll along mountain paths.

Feijoada Food Tour

A rich stew of black beans, sausage, pork, and beef makes up Brazil’s national dish: feijoada. Team up with a local foodie in Rio to find the best place in town to grab a bowl of this hearty favorite, served over a bed of white rice with collard greens. Pair your bowl with a refreshing caipirinha, Brazil’s national cocktail, to double-down on Brazilian classics and get tips from your guide on other places to chow down during your visit.

Foodie-Guided Sonoma Food & Wine Tour with Tastings

Pair Sonoma’s best vintages with its finest food on this afternoon outing in Sonoma Plaza. A National Historic Landmark and the largest plaza in California, this collection of wineries and restaurants is the ideal place to taste the flavors of Sonoma. Enjoy bright chardonnays with light Mediterranean fare, indulge in handcrafted Belgian chocolates and red wine, and take full advantage of the opportunity to pick up edible souvenirs for friends back home.

Traditional Thursday Tour in Oslo

Head out on a lively Thursday evening to join locals and families at a traditional Norwegian restaurant in Oslo. Enjoy savory potato dumplings with lamb, ham hocks, sausages, and root vegetables. After dinner, duck into a nearby pub for a refreshing pale ale or a malty stout while you chat about life in Oslo, and cap off your evening with a sweet tooth-satisfying dessert before you part ways with your host.

Taste the Cape Winelands Full-Day Tour

Cruise the hills of the Stellenbosch wine region as you explore the varietals and vineyards around Cape Town. Visit an organic winery inspired by the mythical gardens of Babylon, sample traditional South African snacks, and enjoy a delicious lunch paired with robust glasses of local cabernet. Cap off the afternoon with ice cream, and pair a final glass of chenin blanc or shiraz with stunning views of Table Mountain.

Private Singaporean & Peranakan Cooking Class with Rosaline

Hone your culinary skills in the kitchen of a cookbook author as you learn about the complex flavors of Singaporean and Peranakan cuisine. Over an afternoon, you might whip up steaming bowls of beef rendang (beef with coconut milk and ground spices), clear your sinuses with spicy services of nyonya laksa (spicy noodle soup), or find the perfect balance of simple seasonings that go into a Singapore classic: chicken rice. Chat with your instructor over lunch, enjoy a dessert of palm sugar wrapped in rice flour with fresh coconut, and don’t forget to take a stroll through the herb garden out back before you head back into the city.

High Tea at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore & Historic Half-Day Tour

Add a bit of class to a fascinating walking tour along the Singapore River. Learn about the city’s colonial past as you chat with your guide about Singapore’s founder, and then head to the Fullerton Hotel for high tea. Raise your pinky as you enjoy delicate finger sandwiches and pastries in the hotel’s brightly lit courtyard. Sip steaming cups of tea from ornate chinaware, enjoy the serene atmosphere, and then end your afternoon with a calm cruise down the Singapore River to take in its skyline from the water.