As a city known for extraordinary levels of service, it’s no surprise that Dubai offers some of the most sought-after dining experiences on Earth. When it comes to finding food in the emirate’s capital city, you name it and you can find it—from cheap but amazing street eats to once-in-a-lifetime culinary adventures. Here are 7 of our favorite things to do in Dubai that will tantalize your taste buds.

Vintage Land Rover Desert Safari & Bedouin Breakfast Experience
Start the day in style in a 1950’s Land Rover for a ride through the golden sands of the desert. With Platinum Heritage Tours, head out of the bustling city at dawn, just as the sun is beginning to light up the sky with fiery shades of red and orange. After a ride through a wildlife reserve, arrive at a rustic camp in the middle of the desert. Here, you’re greeted by a local Bedouin who welcomes you into the camp and offers you a seat for breakfast. Savor Emirati recipes that have been passed down through the ages, such as Arabic coffee, herbed eggs, and pancakes with honey.

Two vintage Land Rovers in desert in Dubai

Luxury Desert Safari with 6-Course Dinner
If early morning isn’t your speed, Platinum Heritage Tours offers an extravagant excursion in the evening as well. Following a drive through the desert, you reach a lavish camp complete with silk carpets, soft cushions, and antique Arabic doors transformed into tables. As the sun sinks over the sand dunes, grab a seat on the carpet for an opulent 6-course meal. Linger over elegant creations like white truffle custard, tea-smoked lamb, and spicy grilled salmon, all paired with traditional sparkling date juice. After dinner, take a seat by the fire to watch a sensuous belly dance performance or go for an unforgettable camel ride beneath the stars.

Desert Camp Safari at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Afternoon Tea at Burj Al Arab Hotel
Immerse yourself in the centuries-old Arabic tradition of gathering over tea—with a contemporary twist. Head to the 24th floor of the iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel for afternoon tea at the Skyview Bar. With this package from Dreamdays, you can soak up spectacular views of the city skyline while savoring delicacies such as dainty tea sandwiches, flaky scones, miniature pastries, and refreshing sorbet. Relax in total luxury as you sip an array of sweet and savory teas as well as a celebratory glass of champagne.

Afternoon Tea at Burj Al Arab in Dubai

Last Exit Food Truck Park
Despite Dubai’s reputation for over-the-top experiences, not at all meals in the city need to be excessive affairs. Head to the Last Exit Food Truck Park to uncover a fun and retro environment serving up a selection of street eats from hot dogs and burgers to tacos and falafel. Come for a quick bite, linger over lunch with friends, or bring the kids for a full afternoon of running off energy on the playground.

Qasr Al Sultan Deluxe Dining Experience
Get a taste of what life is like as a sultan during this evening at Qasr Al Sultan hosted by Alpha Tours. Set in the desert outside of Dubai, this palatial oasis has everything you need for a fabulous night out—excellent hospitality, mouthwatering food, live entertainment, and spectacular views. Begin in the Food Bazaar, where talented chefs use hundreds of ingredients to create an elaborate lineup of dishes right before your eyes. As you feast, take in live performances like a captivating tanoura dance and an enthralling falcon show. Following dinner, you’re free to wander around the complex. Get lost in the winding streets of the souk, where vendors sell an array of colorful crafts and clothing, or take time to relax in the shisha hookah lounge.

Two chefs cook meat on skewers in Dubai

Emirati Meal Experience in the Al Fahidi Historic District
For a more historic experience, join DreamDays for a journey back in time at the Sheik Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. Step into a bygone era as you take a seat in the cool courtyard beneath hanging oil lamps and delve into a discussion of the traditions and customs of the Persian Gulf. Next, your gracious host leads you through a traditional meal featuring an array of ancient and flavorful recipes. Sip on spice-rich coffee, sample savory fareeth stew, and nibble on ligamat, a doughnut-like dumpling deep-fried in ghee and drizzled with a sweet and sticky date syrup.

View of entrance to AT.MOSPHERE in Dubai”
Luxury Dining Experience at At.mosphere in the Burj Khalifa
Treat yourself to an extravagant culinary experience you can only find in Dubai. Soar to the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, for a lavish meal at the hottest table in town. At At.mosphere, legendary chef Jerome Lagarde creates unforgettable gastronomic wonders using only the highest-quality ingredients from land, air, and sea. Be treated like royalty as you dine on course after course of plates such as fois gras terrine, langoustine lobster ravioli, and dry-aged beef tenderloin while gazing out upon breathtaking views of the shimmering City of God.