8 adrenaline-fueled San Diego experiences that barely require sneakers

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Getting adventurous in San Diego—with these, there's no reason not to

1. Explore sea caves only accessible by water


Go beyond the break and free swim or ocean kayak into one of several sea caves in La Jolla, or check out a lesser-known cave located past Luscomb’s Point in Sunset Cliffs.

2. Swing on the Spruce Street suspension bridge

Wood cabled bridge over canyon.

Challenge your fear of heights by walking across this hidden Bankers Hill bridge that gently sways 70 feet over a deep canyon tucked inconspicuously in a local neighborhood.

3. Skydive above the sea


Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane can be terrifying, but you’ll want to open your eyes at some point in order to take in the spectacular view.

4. Snorkel with sharks


Swap sneakers for fins and explore a San Diego sandbar that’s home to leopard sharks. These sharks are harmless—try to remember that when you catch a glimpse of an ominous fin in your peripheral vision.

5. Wrestle an alligator… burger at Crazee Burger

Crazee Burger

Crazee Burger

Are you brave enough to branch out? Try camel, kangaroo, alligator, and other exotic burgers from the Crazee menu in North Park. Surely you’ve worked up an appetite with all that adventuring.

6. Squeeze between a rock and a hard place

Rock Hard Place

Claustrophobes should think twice before attempting the treacherous Ho Chi Minh Trail. The “path” hugs a cliff edge and snakes between boulders to reward adventurers with a beautiful and never overcrowded beach.

7. Live on the edge at Potato Chip Rock

potato chip rock CC


Adrenaline rushes can be as addictive as potato chips, but only in San Diego do the two come together. Take in ocean views from the precariously thin perch at the end of the 7.5 mile Mt. Woodson hike. (Poway is 30 minutes from San Diego.)

8. Sip from the Devil’s Punchbowl

Devils Punchbowl UGC


An exhilarating hike will get your blood pumping and the heart pounding only continues after a dip in the often chilly pool fed by a stunning waterfall.

Where do you go to get your dose of adrenaline and adventure?
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