For a romantic weekend à deux, a culture-filled trip with the family, or an escape with friends, Bath is an enriching destination for all. I recently visited this stunning city with my husband. Like many travelers, prior to my visit I was most intrigued by the Roman Baths. But during our trip, I found there is much more to adore.

Bath is an enchanting, walkable city packed full of stunning architecture and historic monuments. Even though it is a modern town with innovative restaurants and tons of unique boutiques, it is easy to imagine how life might have been centuries ago. From the Prehistoric and Roman eras of the baths to the cultural boom in the 18th century, Bath has been a vibrant hub of human activity for ages.

All you need to do is take to the streets and its historic charm will find you around every corner. Accordingly, we did our fair share of wandering on our own, took a walking tour, and road a helicopter that let us see Bath (and the entire region) from the sky.

Here are highlights from our trip to help you plan your own Bath adventure. Don’t miss the video below.

Francis Hotel Room in BathI adored our chic accommodations at The Francis Hotel. The interior design was wild, whimsical, and cozy at once. An afternoon tea or a drink at night in the lounges of the hotel also served as a relaxing break from exploring town.

Dinner at The Checquers in BathThe restaurant I enjoyed the most was by far the The Chequers, it is a comfy, gastro pub that has been open since 1776. Today, the menu features inspired British cuisine with pan-European influences. And each plate served is a work of art. Above is my seared scallop appetizer with white and purple cauliflower, blackberries, and parsnip puree.

The Boston Tea Party in BathAround Bath you’ll find two cafés by the name of The Boston Tea Party. Of course, they serve tea and coffee but also breakfast, baked goods, soups, salads, and sandwiches. Pictured above is the larger of the two on Alfred Street. I love its bright and cheery ambiance.

Inside the Bath AbbeyThe beautiful Bath Abbey is absolutely worth a visit. Just be sure to check opening hours for visitors as it is a fully functioning church. The public is also welcome for mass. Religious or not, hearing the choir singing in this stunning 12th and 16th century structure should make it onto your to-do list.

Inside the Roman Baths of BathOf course, the main attraction in town are the Roman Baths located right next to the Bath Abbey. Be sure to allot 90 minutes or more when visiting—you’ll likely want to take your time in the exhibit that reveals the fascinating history of the Baths. And you’ll want to linger near those steaming pools. I sure did.

The Royal Cresecent in BathOne of the very famous architectural marvels of Bath is the Royal Crescent, built in the 1700s. A large field of grass is lined with a curved row of townhouses in the Georgian architectural style. While most of the 30 houses are still private homes, one is The Royal Crescent Hotel where you can actually book a stay and the other, a museum open to the public. At the museum, No. 1 Royal Crescent, you can see what living here would have been like in the late 1700s.

The Assembly Rooms in BathAround the same era, The Assembly Rooms  were constructed as a places for balls and events among locals and visitors alike. These large halls with crystal chandeliers were social hangouts with live music, dancing and banquettes. I couldn’t help but to twirl wall walking through.

Canals in BathIn the Sydney Pleasure Gardens just behind The Holburne Museum in Bath I found this stunning scene. A canal with a towpath for strolling is frequented by house boats and cruisers.

Bath by HelicopterBath from above was spectacular too. From the racecourse, the helicopter lifted off, giving us a new perspective of Bath. Circling the city we could easily point out the Royal Crescent and the Bath Abbey.

Travel with Kate touching the waterThere I am, back at the Roman Baths. Click on the image to watch the video of my Bath adventure from my walking tour to my helicopter ride.

What do you look for in a city break?

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