The benefits of booking a hotel through Expedia

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Travel planning can be a lot of fun, but that doesn’t mean it is always easy. Without the right tools, you might find yourself 20 browser tabs deep and completely overwhelmed by how to wrap your brain around stitching together your next big trip. The good news is that the right tools are just a click away.

We’re currently in the process of mapping out a complicated multi-leg journey with some friends—four people, multiple cities, and several modes of transportation. We’ve got the transportation down and are ready to tackle the hotel part of the experience. Even as bona fide travel planning experts, that process—especially when it includes booking rooms for others—can still get a bit thorny. That is why we continue to be grateful that booking through Expedia simplifies the process by making it easy to find and book our hotel, all while ensuring we are getting the best deals available.

If you are not familiar with the benefits of booking through Expedia, here are three reasons why you should give the world’s largest online travel agency a shot.


If you’ve been through the process of booking multiple hotels through each property’s website, you know how time consuming it can be to input all of your information into multiple websites. More concerning is that you then have your credit card details and personal information stored on several websites. With Expedia, you can securely store your payment details just one time and use that information to book all of your travel in just one stop.

Beyond the simplicity and security of having your payment details in just one space, you have access to Expedia’s verified hotel reviews so that you know the individuals who are sharing their experiences have actually stayed at the properties they’ve reviewed (imagine that!).


Nobody wants to pay more than they absolutely have to for a hotel, but getting the best price has historically meant checking dozens of websites to compare pricing, and even then you couldn’t be certain that you didn’t miss a better deal. This is where the power of Expedia can save you money.

Viewfinder Tip: Expedia+ members get access to a suite of powerful benefits, including Unreal Deals—the day’s best package deals leaving from your home airport—with savings as big as 100 percent off flights or hotels.

Expedia negotiates outstanding deals with hotel partners around the world so that you can be certain you are getting the best possible rates. And if you are an Expedia+ member, you get an Expedia Best Price Guarantee that gives you $50 if you find a cheaper rate online within 24 hours of booking.

Even though we know that we can expect to get the best hotel rates when booking through Expedia, we still will sometimes put the travel site through its paces. For example, in securing hotels for our upcoming trip, we verified that all of the properties associated with a major hotel brand were significantly less expensive on Expedia than they were through the properties’ individual websites.


All of the benefits of booking through Expedia would be meaningless if you didn’t have access to the best properties. The good news is that, with more than 280,000 unique hotel properties on, you can also be sure that the properties you are most interested (and even some you would never have discovered otherwise) are all in one place.

The ease of booking through a single website, a guarantee that you are getting the best price, and an assurance that you have access to the hotels you want to book make using a bona fide travel hack. Next time you are planning a big trip, we suggest you streamline the process by using Expedia so you can skip the headaches and just focus on the fun part.

What are your tips for simplifying the process of booking a hotel?

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One thought on “The benefits of booking a hotel through Expedia”

  1. I used to agree with this. Organizing myself from one site made sense–and I appreciated sharing Itineraries, seeking just one refund, and being able to know the combined price from the outset. But …

    I will no longer use Expedia. Full stop.

    In Nov. 2018 I booked a flight and hotel deal as well as insurance for my work travel. I had done it too in September and October–with perfectly reasonable travel arrangements and decent cancellation policy. It should be said, I’ve never before cancelled a trip.

    However, in the November case the international conference was cancelled — and I called to cancel and recuperate my expenses. I anticipated a fee but certainly not zero refund –particularly after purchasing travel cancellation insurance. I couldn’t believe it when they would refund part of the flight but not refund any part of the hotel portion. Having different policies for different parts of the booking is really ugly–and confusing. The fine print in this case was completely different.

    I have booked before–and there was always a margin for cancellation. Often that was generous, and I’ve never had to use it before. With insurance, etc., I was confident I’d made a best-case purchase and travel responsibly. What was not clear was that every detail of the terms change at every single sale–and they also do so in parts (flight / hotel with different policies). Both Expedia and the Keating Hotel, San Diego were inflexible. Despite calling as soon as I had firm word my meeting was not going to take place, and though Expedia always said they would call back after speaking with the manager, they never did so. After about 3 hours of phone calls I barely got a $200 return — which is significantly less than the cost of fees alone–yet to say taxes & needless to say without any service of flight or hotel at all. No return of other costs, taxes, alternate dates, etc. Partial (1/3) recuperation of the flight. Nothing of the hotel. What a disaster.

    The manager claims this was steeply discounted–which it was not. The per night cost is about the same (or more!) as any currently posted rates. I am out of pocket about a thousand dollars and lots of time in the busiest moment of the academic year.

    Simply put: don’t use this service–certainly not for work travel. Don’t trust that last time’s terms apply in another context even if you’d previously had a good experience. (I had one and actually, unfortunately, had told others it was often a good deal). I have travelled for decades and have never had such a terrible experience. This will be my last use of Expedia. After the first round of customer service is done they’re checked out and do no more. They didn’t even return the calls that *they* had proposed after promised after calling the hotel and guaranteeing me that they would let me know what the circumstance was.

    I’m looking for professional, responsible, and (in an emergency) flexible travel partners as I travel about once a month. This is completely unsuitable for a business traveller–even in a pinch. As someone asked to make my own travel arrangements I’m despairing as I simply don’t have a lot of time to add travel arrangements to my to do list for all instances of work travel.

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