The best cycling holidays in the world combine incredible locations with the best bike routes. Whether you’re looking for the best cycling routes or stunning cities to discover on two wheels, your ideal bike trip is out there, waiting to be explored.

Mallorca, Spain
Mallorca offers one of the best cycling holiday experiences for anybody who wants a taste of elite-level riding.
A training camp for Europe’s professional cyclists since the early 1980s, Mallorca has some of the best cycling routes in the world. The East Tramuntana Epic is a route that weaves through the mountain range on the north-west of the island. This is an enjoyable test for most cyclists, climbing an incredible 2700 vertical metres during its 168km route. Of course, there are easier cycling routes around Mallorca, including a relaxed 25km long cycle path that stretches around the picturesque town of Alcudia.

Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver, in stunning British Columbia, prides itself on being one of the greenest cities in Canada which, naturally, makes it one of the best cycling holidays in the world. Dubbed ‘Manhattan with mountains’, discovering Vancouver by bike is a real joy, whether you want to stick to dedicated cycle routes in the city, head north into the mountainous national parks, or trace the Fraser River to the south. All are within a ninety minute cycle of Vancouver, although you’ll want to spend much longer exploring what is one of the most verdant landscapes in the world.

Stockholm, Sweden
A city made up of fourteen main islands, Stockholm offers a unique experience for anybody that wants a cycling holiday in one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Stockholm is a patchwork of green-spaces, connected by a network of bridges that appear made for two wheels. One of the best bike trips in Stockholm starts at the incredible Ecopark – a stunning green oasis that encompasses ancient forests, and is home to deer and mink. From here you can cycle south for three hours and venture to Tyresta National Park – a 5,000 hectare woodland. Here you’ll find 400 year old forests, crystal clear lakes and a host of beautiful animals.

San Francisco, USA
San Francisco is closing in on New York as the must-see city in the US. Its bohemian past and status as a design Mecca, make for a city quite unlike any other. San Francisco is relatively compact, and the streets ascend suddenly, rewarding those on two wheels with breath-taking views. For a longer bike tour, cyclists can head north from the city, across the Golden Gate Bridge, taking in Alcatraz, and within half an hour of Marin’s dramatic hills.

Better known by its former name, Burma, Myanmar offers some of the best cycle routes in the world. Spanning from the Indian Ocean to the Himalayas, Myanmar borders India, Bangladesh, China, Laos and Thailand; countries which have heavily influenced its diverse and compelling culture. Cyclists can take a four-day bike tour heading west to Kalaw. The rewards for these efforts are the mesmerising statues of Buddha at the Myin Ma Hti caves, and the incredible natural rock formations that make up the local landscape.
Myanmar has a growing reputation as being among the best cycling destinations in the world because of the sheer number of incredible routes the country has to offer.