Whether it’s the bright and bitter flavors of a heavy-hopped IPA, the robust richness of a smoky porter, or the clean and refreshing finish of a carefully curated pilsner, you’re sure to find a pint that suits your taste buds in just about any city you visit. But don’t take our word for it, go out and investigate the country’s best taps for yourself. If you need some inspiration, consider a few of our favorite malt meccas and hop havens.

Portland: New Brews in Hop Country

Just a day’s drive away from the country’s biggest hop-producing region, Portland’s best breweries and tap houses are guaranteed to pour plenty of IPAs, but the craft doesn’t stop there. With an army of young, innovative brewers working alongside creative chefs and restaurateurs, you’re sure to find some strange brews throughout the Rose City. Check out their best offerings by teaming up with a local guide, exploring excellent ales on a bike, or zig-zagging between breweries in a swanky shuttle.

San Diego: Suds on Sunny Shores

What better way to explore San Diego’s beer-friendly shores than with a sunset tour of the city’s award-winning breweries. Team up with an ale aficionado to go behind-the-scenes at craft breweries in Mission Beach and Ocean Beach, capping off your night with a sunset walk on the shore near Belmont Park. If just being near the water isn’t enough, take to the taps of a luxury yacht for a dinner cruise complete with perfectly paired pints of the area’s best concoctions.

Brooklyn: Trend-Setting Tastes

Say what you want about hipsters—at least they have great taste in beer. With a history of brewing traditions dating back to the 19th-century, Brooklyn is a can’t-miss stop for anyone looking for a finely crafted pint. Whether you want an overview of this borough’s best brews or feel like focusing on the tastiest glasses in a specific neighborhood like Williamsburg, there’s plenty to go around.

Charlottesville: Laid-Back Innovation

With a base of old-school Southern charm and an infusion of trend-setting culinary movements, Charlottesville is an ideal place to kick back and uncover new tastes. Whether you wind into the misty haze of the Blue Ridge Mountains to sample brews in country settings or explore a few spirits with your suds, there’s always something to pique your interest in this quintessentially charming corner of Virginia.

Vancouver: Landscapes Worth Toasting

Framed by snow-capped peaks, evergreen forests, and island-dotted bays, Vancouver’s rugged natural beauty is always worth raising a glass to, and its surprisingly flat terrain makes it an ideal place to crisscross the city looking for frothy pints by bike. For those who feel like getting pampered between pours, trade your bike for something a little sleeker as you bounce between breweries in a stretch limousine.

Chicago: Ales Over Architecture

It would be a shame to blow through the Windy City without tasting a few of its finest beers. Between prohibition-era speakeasies finding new life by brewing creative ales and modern hop houses looking to challenge your palate with every pint, there’s plenty to taste in Chicago’s skyscraper-laden center. Have a barrel of fun in a bus that’s shaped like one as you seek out the city’s most beloved breweries or settle into a single neighborhood to drink like a local with an in-the-know guide.

Where will you imbibe your brews this summer?