I absolutely love getting together with friends in New York City, but when the weather gets cold, it can be difficult motivating them to get out and play. That’s why it’s important to have a list of cozy meeting places on hand, something to get you out of the hotel lobby and out on the town. Whether it be for coffee or spirits, finding the right spot to help get your family and friends off their couch and into a warm locale with a drink in hand is a New York City pastime, even for those of us who live here.

Here are a few of my favorite cozy spots to hangout at.

I absolutely love Petite AbeilleThere are several locations in the city and all are nice gathering areas. Being a Belgian eatery, there is no shortage of beer and wine. However, I absolutely love their Belgian waffles and Belgian hot chocolate too. I have shared many a snowy mornings with my family and friends while sipping on a warm cup here.

If coffee is not your thing, head over to Bosie Tea Parlor in the West Village. This small tea house is serious about its selections, and even more serious about making sure that you feel comfortable enough to stay awhile to chat it up with friends and delight in any one of their treats (their macaroon selections are my absolute favorite).

Todd’s Mill, located in the Lower East Side, is one of my favorite eateries in the area because it has managed to maintain a laid-back atmosphere and nice vibe, even while most other eateries are bustling with overcrowding and long lines. All this, and yet the food is really good and their coffee mugs the perfect size to warm you up on a chilly morning.

Viewfinder Tip: A lot of the coffee shops listed here are not very difficult to get into or find a seat in. However, all bets are off during Sunday brunch. If you plan on visiting the bars with more than two people, I would call ahead to reserve a table.

Now, if you are looking for something more than just coffee, I would recommend stopping into Bar and Books for more serious libations that includes a full menu of whiskey from various regions of Scotland (they know how to keep warm in the winter months!). Another Scottish favorite, the Highlands, in the West Village, where along with your bangers and mash (and haggis bread), you can seek warmth in some scotch and bitters. 

Those of you looking for something in between should venture into one of the many fabulous wine bars in the city instead. 

Le Bateau Ivre is a cute French bistro in Midtown East that offers one of the most extensive French wine menus in town. This along with a fabulous raw bar and warm menu items (their French onion soup and Croque Madame are must-haves) transport you to a moment in France, while also keeping you warm and cozy inside.

This is pretty much how we New Yorkers survive the cold and still get out and socialize. The list can definitely go on and on, as we have no shortage of bars and cozy coffee shops, but at least this can help you get started for your next trip to New York City.

What are your favorite cozy hangout spots during the winter months in your city?