Tawny and I adore Hong Kong. As a city, it offers everything you ever could ask for, all perfectly wrapped up in an area that’s easy to explore. The metro lines make travel around Hong Kong quick and effortless. There is a huge spectrum of places to stay the night.

One of the things I like best about Hong Kong are the endless possibilities for romance. The natural blend of activities, dining, and sights makes HK a sweet date spot. Here are my picks for spending a night on the town in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong is a soundless clash of time, tradition, and culture. This lends to an unparalleled dining scene. Take, for example, Tim Ho Wan. This dim-sum eatery is currently the most affordable Michelin-starred restaurant in the world.

Tucked unassumingly into Central Station on the local metro line (which is called MTR), Tim Ho Wan looks like an airport restaurant. You walk up to the counter, grab a menu, write down your choices, and hand the sheet back to the hostess, who gives you a number in return. Then you wait in line. You know that the food has to be good because the movement it perpetual; as soon as someone finishes eating, a server grabs the plates and shows that diner the door. Our particular favorite was the pork dumplings. They tasted like Thanksgiving, with brown sugar, gravy, and tender pork, all wrapped into a butter roll.

For another quick eat, bring your beloved to Dragon Restaurant on Gage Street near Central Station. The highlight of the menu is the suckling pig. For less than US$10 you can grab a plate of delicious suckling pig on a bed of rice that will incite a flavor revolution in your life.

Viewfinder Tip: Be mindful of your date’s shoes. While Hong Kong is easy to walk, it can be murder in heels.


For a truly romantic experience in HK, go to the top of Victoria Peak. Referred to by locals as “The Peak,” this is the highest point on Hong Kong Island and offers the most panoramic views of the city. From the top of the observation tower you can write a love letter to your date and seal it to the giant heart sculpture at the peak. You also can look down on the skyline that juts up from the ocean and glows with electric arcs of pink, yellow, and blue. If you elect to walk to the top (like we did) the experience quite literally will take your breath away. If you’d rather not mix romance with exercise, you can avoid the 1,100-foot vertical climb from sea level by taking the funicular up. At the top, there are a myriad of bar options with views of the city.

Another great vantage point of the city: the Tian Tan Buddha. This spot that lays claim to one of the largest Buddhas in the world. You’ll have to take MTR to the site from the city center, but the ride will offer a great chance to chat with your date.

Finally, if you’re planning a nighttime date, consider visiting the night market. This bustling spot offers everything from food to cultural knicknacks.


Whether you’re into coffee or booze, Hong Kong has a sweet date spot for you. One of our favorite coffee shops is Caffe Habitu. This local shop has great ambiance and plenty of cozy nooks for snuggling. It also serves up delicacies such as a truffle latte and a crème brulee latte with actual burnt sugar.

If you’re hitting the town late at night, try Cochrane’s Bar & Grill. Another local hotspot, this expat bar has the swarthy charm of a sailors’ haven. Peanut shells are strewn across the hardwood floor. The beloved drink of regular patrons is called the Painkiller (it comprises Pusser’s Rum, pineapple juice, cream of coconut, orange juice, and nutmeg), and it’s served in a tin mug.

Finally, if you want something more intimate, continue on to Hong Kong’s Bar Quarter. Here you can find everything from cozy wooden alcoves to neon ice bars serving vodka to patrons in down jackets. All of the options are fun ways to end a date in this great city.

How do you like to spend date night in a foreign city?