During the many times that my family and I have vacationed in Orlando at Walt Disney World, it never occurred to me that my husband and I could take a break and go on a date, or that I might be able to enjoy a spa day.

Often times, when vacationing at Disney as a family, we are so focused on making sure we get in that quality family time that we completely neglect ourselves, as couples especially. Granted, we don’t often think of Walt Disney World as a place where we could pamper ourselves, but as it turns out, there are quite a few ways to do so that aren’t hard to arrange.

The Spa

There are 24-hour fitness centers available at various Walt Disney World resorts. But more importantly, there are several full-service spas to choose from. The biggest challenge I faced when scheduling my spa treatment at the Grand Floridian’s Senses Spa was trying to find the time to go without sacrificing time I wanted to also spend with my family at the parks (it’s a common struggle for most moms). It was wonderful to be able to schedule an early morning appointment while my kids were still asleep. I got pampered from head to toe and was back in time to enjoy breakfast with the family. Win-win!

Schedule a spa treatment to complement your visit

Once you start or end your day with a spa treatment at Disney, even if it’s just one, a spa visit will remain on the top of your to-do list when you visit again.

Bar Hopping and Romantic Dinners

The list of family-friendly restaurants is endless at Disney, but so are the adult-only wining and dining experiences. Downtown Disney is a great place to bar hop, dance, and dine, but the truth is, it tends to be a little further away than we prefer when leaving the kids behind at the resort. That’s why the BoardWalk is my absolute favorite date night destination.

Indulge in a night of wine and good food

The Flying Fish Café offers a five-course prix-fixe chef’s tasting wine dinner, while nearby Big River Grille & Brewing Works, the only working brewpub at Walt Disney World Resort, hosts Brews & Bites, a brew and food pairing experience. Of course, these are all kid-friendly establishments as well, but they are just as fun without them in tow.

Child Care

All this sounds fabulous, right? But I’m sure you’re wondering about who is going to take care of the kids. Parents actually have options with two choices: in-room babysitting or children’s activity centers, which are located in seven different Disney resorts. Bonus: It’s not prohibitively expensive.

Viewfinder Tip: Registration for the children’s activity centers, as well as in-room babysitting service, will require a bit of planning ahead to ensure availability. Arrangements can be made through guest services before or during your visit.

The children’s activity centers cater to children 3 to 12 years of age and are colorful, fun places for the kids to relax, play, and socialize with other kids their age. There are organized activities and different areas where kids can enjoy movie night, play games, do arts and crafts, and even dine. Hours vary per location (the one we used stayed open until midnight) and we loved knowing our kids were in the resort we were staying in, only steps from our room, and being well cared for.

I know that it’s hard for some parents to make that choice to leave the kids behind, especially during a family vacation, but I highly recommend taking advantage of the “me time” options offered at Walt Disney World. As much as we enjoyed our family time together, we just as much enjoyed having the spa, romantic dinner, and even the quiet time by the pool too. It really complemented our Disney vacation experience and added value to it as well. As much as Walt Disney World Resort pampers little ones, it’s nice to know that the grown ups can get a little spoiled too.

How often do you take “me time” during your family vacations?