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The Guide to Vacation Rentals in Florida

Take your Florida vacation to the next level

Miami's downtown at the edge of turquoise waters.

Travel Miami: 10 different ways to explore the Magic City

Explore Miami’s city, sea, and swamps in fun

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Revelations of a skeptical first time cruiser

Expedia's first time cruiser Sarah Dean hits

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5 things to add to your Miami bucket list

Racking up must-see attractions on your next

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Best ways to spend 24 hours in Miami

Exploring outside the airport during a long layover

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Miami, off the beach

Exploring art, eating local, and experiencing

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9 unique places to visit in Florida

Going off the beaten path in the Sunshine State

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The Miami Art Deco District

Iconic buildings, reminiscent of days gone

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Miami parks and recreation

Parks abound in the city better known for a


Miami (vegetarian) vice

Discover the very best vegetarian restaurants

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