Ditch your resolutions (these are better)

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Becoming a new you shouldn’t be a bore

Ah, January 1st. The day when well-intentioned people the world round vow to put down their forks, renew their gym memberships, and better organize their lives. But who said a “new year, new you” attitude had to mean trying to lose a few extra pounds or master the art of Post-It organization? This year, let your new year’s goals feed your inner adventurer. It’s time to start living your Pinterest boards, folks. Bike through Bangkok, eat Roman pasta, and test drive the exotic car of your dreams. Here are just a few ways you can turn the idea of “New Year’s resolutions” on its head.

Crank up your adrenaline

Crank up your adrenaline

Instead of taking more multi-vitamins this year, vow to improve your health by turning your endorphins up a notch. Yes, endorphins actually do a body good! That’s why we say you should give yourself permission to be a thrill seeker. The bonus of an uptick in those happy-making chemicals (and it’s a pretty big one) is that it’s achieved by doing awesome activities. Stuff like swimming with great white sharks in South Africa, taking a helicopter ride over an active volcano in Hawaii, or ziplining in St. Thomas. See, it’s a win-win. Let this year be the year you become an expert cliff diver or free-spirited 4-wheeler and allow the adrenaline to flow.

Eat all the things

Eat all the things

We’re not saying you should ignore your doctor’s orders when it comes to calorie consumption. But we are saying you should reconsider your plans for a carb-free, sugar-free, taste-free diet in the new year. Forget about fitting into your “thin” jeans. Let this be the calendar cycle that you remain committed to sinking your teeth into the best food on the planet. Some of the most fun bucket list ideas include taking a cooking class in Florence and embarking on a food tour in Berlin. Turn over a new leaf by becoming a culinary vacationer, not promising to deprive yourself of everything delicious. You can burn it off with a happy dance.

Become an outsider

Become an outsider

Be honest: How many minutes do you lose each day checking your email or browsing a frenemy’s Facebook page? This year, resolve to spending more time outside—there’s a vibrant world waiting on the other side of your smartphone screen, you know! So, what should you add to your bucket list? Travel ideas for the nature lover (or soon-to-be outdoor enthusiast) include heading to Australia for an adventure in the rainforest and visiting Portugal for a day of hiking. If you decide to go full safari ranger in 2016, outback safaris in the Caribbean and wildlife safaris in Sweden are just a few of the ways to fulfill your resolution.

New Year’s resolutions have the potential to open your eyes, heart, and travel scrapbooks to new possibilities. Instead of making the same old promises to yourself about not texting your ex anymore or cleaning your closets, set your sights on the adventures you’ve always wanted to try!

Which bucket list item will you cross off this year?

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