Camaraderie, discovery, and adventure.

Those were the predominant themes we knew we wanted to incorporate when Expedia asked us to deliver an epic trip as part of the company’s “Find Your Storybook” campaign.

We partnered with our co-Viewfinders, The NVR Guys, on the project and booked a trip for Costa Brava, Spain. With the help of our friends at Costa Brava Tourism, we were able to craft a glorious adventure that met the high bar we had set for this assignment.

Costa Brava is a coastal area in northeastern Spain, in a region known as Catalonia. Translated to “rough coast,” this area measures more than 2,000 square miles and sits northeast of Barcelona, immediately south of the French border. It is known for its inviting hub, Girona, mountainous interior, charming towns, and about 100 miles of rugged coast.

We jumped on the plane with images of classic tales—Don Quixote, The Incredible Journey, etc.—occupying our thoughts. We weren’t fully prepared for what the journey had to teach us.


Every adventure has the potential to teach you something profound. We’ve learned that while you can’t plan for the ways in which a journey will transform you, you can create the conditions for a transformative experience.

The best part: We got to do it with friends. 

In upcoming posts, we’ll provide you with tips on how to craft an epic adventure. You’ll also learn more about our planning process, and about some of the activities featured in our video.

When you travel with friends, what sorts of adventures do you like to plan?