Redmond, WA, Dec. 20, 1999—In court documents filed today in a lawsuit brought by Connecticut-based Priceline Corp., Expedia, Inc. and Microsoft Corp. moved to dismiss the suit, citing Priceline’s failure to include a necessary party to the case and calling into question Priceline’s ownership of the disputed patent.

“Considering that Marketel International claims ownership of the ‘207 patent, Priceline’s case against Expedia and Microsoft should be dismissed. Add to that other claims against the patent such as that of Aden Enterprises and it is clear that there are serious questions surrounding Priceline’s lawsuit.” said Byron Bishop, Vice President of product development, Expedia Inc. “We remain ready to show that Priceline’s claims are without merit and that the Expedia® Price Matcher™ services do not infringe the ‘207 patent. However, before we can do that, the fundamental question of the ownership of the disputed patent needs to be resolved.”

In its legal brief filed Monday in the U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut, Microsoft and Expedia moved to dismiss the case in light of Priceline’s failure to join a legally indispensable party to the case. Priceline had failed to include the indispensable party—a California company named Marketel International—even though Marketel sued Priceline over the Priceline patent in January 1999, well before Priceline’s suit against Microsoft and Expedia. Marketel has asserted an ownership interest and has raised an issue as to whether Priceline has any rights in the patent.

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