Wearable devices continue to create excitement among members of the tech community. One thing these devices have cemented in our minds is that the tech world is moving away from a “pull” model and moving toward a “push” model. People are expecting timely, relevant data to be shared with them when they need it (pushed to them, if you will), without having to ask for it or open an app or search for it themselves (the pull model). We wrote a bit about this last week. These advancements also mark a good opportunity to share news about our ever-expanding breadth of travel app offerings.

We are pleased to share that the Expedia App is available in the United States for download in the Samsung Galaxy App Store. Designed for the Samsung Gear 2, this new app is focused on bringing important travel data to your wrist. The app will tell you contextual information with a brief glance at your watch, delivering updates such as gate changes when you are at the airport, a landing countdown when you’re in the air, and reminders for hotel check-out times. The app is a prime example of this push model, a cutting-edge tool for a new world in which information you need is presented instantly, in a natural way.

The Expedia App for Samsung Gear 2 has a number of nuances that make using it an elegant, beautiful experience. Let’s say you’re about to head to the airport for a trip. Your watch will buzz a couple of hours in advance to tell you the confirmation number, departure status, and departure gate of your flight. If there’s an unfortunate delay with your flight, your watch will flash yellow. If, for some reason, your flight has been cancelled, the watch will flash red. Once you’re in the air, the app becomes a countdown, displaying how much time is left until you land. All of this is helpful information, when you need it, right at your side.

We’ve heard it a million times before: Technology is becoming faster, sleeker, and smaller. Wearable devices are a prime example of this trend. At Expedia, we’re focused on utilizing new technologies to make the travel experience as easy as possible. Vacationing is fun, but planning travel and actually getting from Point A to Point B can be stressful. The app we’ve developed for the Samsung Gear 2 mirrors our approach to wearable devices in general: To provide simple notifications that create comforting reassurances that your trip is in good hands. The way we see it, our app offers peace of mind, on your wrist.

Check out the new Expedia App in Samsung Galaxy App Store, and stay tuned for more from us on our next venture into the wearable category.