#ExpediaChat the spookiest places to enjoy Halloween

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Recapping our Halloween-themed Twitter chat

With just hours to go until the freaky festivities commence, we hope you’ve finalized your creepy costume and stocked up on candy! Even if you’re still scrambling to find the perfect wig or a party to ring in All Hallow’s Eve, we want to help you get in the mischievous mood.

On Wednesday, October 28, we hosted an #ExpediaChat on Twitter to ask where you think the spookiest places are to enjoy Halloween. Here’s a recap of your answers about everything from your eeriest encounters to the scariest haunted tours.

Halloween happenings


We wanted to know about your Halloween celebrations this year, and the majority of you replied with plans to attend costume parties or take the kids trick-or-treating. The most popular costumes across the board this year? Gory zombies and crime-fighting superheroes by far.

It wasn’t all about getting into character though. Many of you are ditching the face paint for horror flicks with scary movie marathons—just don’t jump out of your skin when the doorbell rings!

Spookiest spots

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We asked you to sound off about the scariest destinations around the globe, and New Orleans, Louisiana; Salem, Massachusetts; and Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, were some of the most talked about destinations in the U.S. As for outside of the States, London, England, and Transylvania, Romania, were your top picks for spine-tingling settings

Next, we moved our conversation toward creepy experiences during your travels. Your short stories about glowing eyes and paranormal activity had our hair standing on end! And while many of you weren’t too stoked on the idea of staying overnight at a haunted hotel, there was a lot of talk about some of the spookiest lodging around, such as the Stanley Hotel, where the horror flick “The Shining” was filmed, as well as the Congress Plaza Hotel, which is said to have its fair share of ghostly visitors. The Hollywood Roosevelt, Omni Parker House, and the Hotel Galvez and Spa made it into the discussion, too.

Of course, the conversation led us to the topic of haunted tours, in which the Jack the Ripper Tour in London proved to be a knee-knocking favorite. New Orleans’ vampire tours, Chicago’s Ghosts of H.H. Holmes and the World’s Fair Tour, and Seattle’s Underground Tour seemed to have left some devilish impressions, too.

Day of the Dead destinations

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During our chat, we brought up the topic of Day of Dead. Not to be confused with Halloween, this traditional Mexican holiday honors the dearly departed and often incorporates festive parades, decorated altars, and sugar skulls. You called out Denton, Texas, and Miami, Florida, as some of the best places to experience Day of the Dead in the U.S., while Mexico City, Cancun, Riviera Maya, Oaxaca, and San Andrés Mixquic were considered the Mexican hot spots.

Whether this Halloween means donning your family-themed costumes or shielding your eyes during the scary parts, have fun and be safe!

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Where are you planning on spending Halloween this year?

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