We are kicking off summer with one of our favorite activities—code! You may remember Expedia hosted ten high school age developer apprentices last year, all selected from the pool of graduates of the Seattle Girls Who Code Summer Immersion programs hosted the previous year at various tech companies.

This year, we are thrilled that the second annual Expedia program will include double the amount of apprentices who will be “engineering their summer of fun.” These young women will become fully embedded within Expedia, working in tandem with our engineering teams on various projects, learning about our technology, our agile practices and our culture. Not only that, but we’re thrilled to announce that we’re expanding our program’s footprint; for the next eight weeks we will host apprentices in both our headquarters in Bellevue, Washington, and in our San Francisco, California, offices!

Apprentices for this summer were chosen from the pool of all Girls Who Code alumnae in the Seattle and Bay Area, including three veterans from last year’s apprenticeship program. Apprentices will go through an intensive boot camp their first week: chock-full of panels, introduction to our technologies, fixing bugs and shipping changes to production, and prime networking opportunities with fellow Expedians. In addition to their day-to-day work with their teams, the apprentices will have access to a few cool projects like a mini Hackathon. They are sure to learn a lot and are guaranteed to have fun this summer.

We are also teaming up with Girls Who Code again for our second Summer Immersion program where girls will experience a robust curriculum of daily classroom instruction, as well as workshops and demos led by a hand-picked team of Expedia’s remarkable female Computer Science engineers, designers, and leaders in the technology sector. The girls will receive more than 250 hours of intensive training.

We can’t wait to share what the girls achieve this year!

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