The Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) Memorial located on the southwest shore of the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C., is everything you could ask for in a memorial. It’s expansive, beautiful, and moving.

Set across almost eight acres, the memorial uses a series of outdoor “rooms” to reflect the 12 years of FDR’s presidency. The memorial, comprised largely of stone, sculpture, and water, urges visitors to reflect on one of the most difficult periods in American history. We especially love the themes of humanity, decency, and peace that are evident throughout the memorial.

Every detail in the seemingly serene and simple memorial is anything but. For instance, all of the falls and fountains in the memorial are a nod to FDR’s love of water. Interestingly, as you move through the memorial, the waterfalls become larger and more intricate. We learned that this signifies the difficultly of leading the country through an increasingly complex and tumultuous period.

The next time you are in D.C., do what we do: Spend a chunk of time hanging out and reflecting at the FDR Memorial.

Which is your favorite Washington, D.C., memorial?