2016 Girls Who Code Immersion Program comes to a close

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Graduation showcases girls' summer projects

This summer’s Girls Who Code Immersion Program has wrapped up, marking another summer of incredible young women expanding their technology horizons. And the final projects left the audience of the girls’ families, instructors, and Expedia employees in awe! Here’s a rundown of some of the concepts:

  • Girls Who Code Alumnae Website – Nothing worse than going through a program as epic as Girls Who Code with no way of keeping in touch or sharing stories afterwards. One team this summer developed an alumnae website for participants to stay in contact.
  • Bubs the Plant – An environmentally conscious group of coders this summer developed hardware to detect a plant’s current temperature and water level. @BubsThePlant uses this information to ensure that Bubs is properly cared for. It also uses twitter as a platform to raise awareness about climate change.
  • Cancer Pal – A unique site developed to bring together cancer patients regardless of type of cancer. The girls noticed that resource sites were too-often focused on one type of cancer, so built a broader resource hub.
  • Arduino Alerts – Ever leave your keys at home accidentally? Now you can use these handy RFID chips that will begin beeping if you’re attempting to leave the house without your essential items!
  • Adventures of Lux – A video game that teaches you how to code along the way by providing useful (and fun!) tips and tricks.
  • Specs Appeal – A website helping low-income families get eyewear, visitors put in their prescription and get matched with a donor to send you glasses that meet the prescription requirements.

This year’s young women really outdid themselves in creating cool projects that take advantage of their computer science training. We can’t wait to see what they’ll accomplish next!

Which technology project do you find the coolest? What are your ideas?

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