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Top 10 in-demand NYE destinations

The results are in. Earlier this year, Expedia conducted a study on the best time to book holiday travel deals based on air ticket demands and a poll of the most popular and affordable New Year’s Eve airfare for the upcoming holiday season. Expedia found that the top factor when choosing a holiday travel destination is the cost of flights and hotels, and about half of the travelers polled said they plan to travel within the U.S. or nearby this year.

Well, there’s good news all around! You may have time to book within the low-price sweet spot, which is between 21 and 30 days prior to departure. This year the most in-demand places to celebrate New Year’s Eve have fun, food, and festivities for all sorts of travel preferences…and they won’t break your budgeting resolutions for the new year. 2018 is coming and we’re ready to bid farewell to 2017 with great getaways and awe-inspiring experiencesCheck out this list of the top 10 NYE destinations with airfare under $400* and New Year’s Eve travel ideas to help you celebrate in style:

1. Seattle – average ticket price of $309

A light blanket of snow, waterfront views, and some of the best craft coffee in the world? These are just a few reasons Seattle is among the best cities for New Year’s Eve travel. Don’t let the low airfare fool you into thinking you’ll be at a loss for things to do in Queen City or awesome venues to ring in the new year. Celebrate surrounded by contemporary art and global cuisine, and make unforgettable memories in the stunning Puget Sound.


2. Salt Lake City – average ticket price of $341

It’s no secret that Salt Lake City is an active, exciting city when Mr. Frost comes to stay. It’s the perfect place to embrace the outdoor adventures only winter can provide, and it’s also a fabulous hub of NYE festivities. Enjoy all the wonders of the gorgeous Wasatch Range, get outside with some awesome SLC activities, and add a little sparkle to the holiday with these local traditions:


3. Phoenix – average ticket price of $342

There’s a reason Phoenix is one of the top New Year’s Eve destinations: Partying from dusk till dawn is easy, thanks to blissful weather. In the Valley of the Sun, temperatures dip into the mid 40s at the lowest, so get out and stay out. While you’re soaking up the sun in the Sonoran Desert, imbibe the local culture from a night at the symphony to holiday light viewing with the whole family. There’s plenty of things to do in Phoenix this time of year, especially if you want to explore the great outdoors.


4. Denver – average ticket price of $342

The new year is a time of reflection and celebration. We can’t think of a better destination for both of those pastimes than at the feet of the Rocky Mountains. Inhale the crisp, fresh air, cozy up in a ski lodge, or tour Mile High City’s top attractions, all before the sun goes down and the ball drops. In addition to sweet NYE events, Denver’s craft beer scene is the perfect place to warm up with local crews and brews on any winter day.


5. Tampa – average ticket price of $347

A snowy NYE escape isn’t for everyone. If you like lazing in 70-degree F weather on a waterfront patio or taking advantage of cool evenings full of family festivities, then get yourself some tickets to Tampa. Located in a peaceful bay, Tampa is rich in culture and coastal beauty, so when you aren’t attending a party or tailgating at the Outback Bowl, take some time and relax in the Florida sunshine with easygoing Tampa activities.


6. San Francisco – average ticket price of $361

Ring in the new year with romance in San Francisco’s vintage Russian Hill, dine in Fisherman’s Wharf for waterfront vibes, or explore the expansive Golden Gate Park. There’s so many things to do in San Francisco that you’ll have no problem staying awake and entertained till the clock strikes midnight. Just make sure you’re rested and ready for an exquisite evening in the City by the Bay.


7. Fort Lauderdale – average ticket price of $362

Bright lights and white sand? Sounds like a splendid holiday combination to us! Fort Lauderdale may have the key ingredients for a touristy beach town, but you’ll find friendly locals, community events, and enchanting waterways in this Floridian favorite. If you’re wondering where to spend New Year’s Eve on the Florida coast, Fort Laudy is the answer, and the airfare makes this destination a must-visit.


8. Nassau – average ticket price of $369

The beautiful and balmy capital of the Bahamas is steeped in vibrant traditions and surrounded by bright blue waters. New Year’s Eve brings Nassau’s culture and character to life like no other holiday as the entire island nation observes Junkanoo. The history of this holiday festival is mysterious and debated, but no one lets that stop the colorful carnival from filling the streets of Nassau with dancing, floats, and festive foods every December 26 and January 1.


9. Mexico City – average ticket price of $372

Mexico City is a metropolitan center that stands the test of time. 2017 was an especially difficult year for this capital city, but the people and their historic hometown have responded with resilience and strength. Celebrate the turning of a new page and the promise of a new year with one of America’s nearest neighbors. From elegant dinner parties to street fairs like you’ve never experienced before, Mexico City will wow you.