If you want a vacation experience that includes fun, sun, and dancing in the streets with the locals, then you might to consider a vacation in Aruba. The reason why Arubans call their home, “One Happy Island,” is because of all the things to make you smile from the minute you step out of the plane and make your way to the hotel and beyond.

When you arrive, one of the things you might notice is how picturesque the ocean water is and how warm and shallow the beaches can be. Aruba is not a very big island, only about 20.5 miles long. It isn’t easy to get lost here, but there is a lot to see and discover. Here are some ideas of how to make the most of your visit to the island.

Go to the beach

If you want a fun party beach, check out Moomba Beach. The bars and frequent events hosted there make it a popular destination for visitors and locals alike. Take in some beach tennis lessons, fun water activities, or just lay in the sun during the day and enjoy some music and drinks at night.

Those traveling with little ones will enjoy Baby Beach. This half-moon shaped beach is protected from the open ocean by a coral reef. That means the beach itself is calm and shallow, making it perfect for small children.

Baby Beach


Party with the locals

Aruba is so welcoming of its visitors that the island nation hosts The Carubbian Festival every Thursday night in the neighborhood of San Nicolas. The festival is open to all; buying tickets to the shindig gets you access to local street food and cold beverages, as well as entertainment featuring a colorful parade with drum lines and dancing. Local artists display festival wear that symbolizes a community, a people, or a local belief or custom.

Viewfinder Tip: Hold on to your hats on Aruba; the island is one of the windiest spots in the Caribbean. 

Take a tour

Seeing what the region has to offer at sea can be just as fun as exploring on land. A day with De Palm Tours, one of the leading boast-based tour services on the island, can be just as active or as relaxing as you would like. Guests who are looking to lay low can sit back and enjoy the boat ride, music, drinks, and food. Others can take part in a variety of water adventures, such as sailing, snorkeling, and SNUBA, a form of diving. Even if you have never done SNUBA before, they will help guide you through it. The views underwater are pretty spectacular along the islands coral reefs and shores, so I definitely recommend giving the sport a try.

If you would rather take tours on land, an ATV tour is great way to explore Aruba and cover a lot of ground. You’ll get dirty but it’s so worth it; Aruba is a beautiful place to visit no matter what time of year.

What are some of your favorite Caribbean vacation getaways?