While so many outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the rustic feel of good ol’ fashioned traditional camping—sleeping bags, s’mores, and campfire-scented clothes and all—there are those of us that like to mix our nature with the comforts of home. Insert “glamping.” This marriage of glamour and camping still incorporates the tents and campfires we’re accustomed to but can also include luxury items like real beds, electricity and resort services. And bonus, most times, the tent is pitched before you arrive and hot breakfasts awaits you every morning.

As we embrace this brand new style of camping, we’ve scoured the best places in the Pacific Northwest to exchange the sleeping bag for a fluffy comforter.


Bull Hill Guest Ranch

Located in Kettle Falls, Washington, Bull Hill Guest Ranch puts the “glam” in glamping. This luxury cattle ranch is a prime example that glamping doesn’t necessarily translate to “budget.”

Nestled in the North Eastern corner of Washington, this rugged terrain is home to a working dude ranch. While it might look rough and tumble for the ranch hands, it is really all glitz and glam for the guest.

The epitome of luxury. The hefty price tag includes everything you’ll need for the stay of a lifetime including three meals a day, libations, and all ranch activities-including but not limited to fishing, cattle drives, and horseback riding.

The luxury safari tents sleep up to four people and are outfitted with two queen beds, electricity, wood burning stoves, coffee makers, and a gas heater for the cooler nights.


Deep in the heart of the unspoiled Moran State Park wilderness on Orcas Island, these canvas wall tents offer a chance to unplug in relative luxury.  Boasting a lack of cell service and a cone of silence, this could be your very own fortress of solitude. With immediate access to over 30 miles of trails and 5 fresh water lakes, the Moran State Park is a treasure. Leanto offers you the chance to indulge your wild side with these palatial-looking tents.

Looking like an homage to a Wes Anderson film, they are packed with vintage cots, wooden desks, and wood planked floors. Hot showers and flush toilets are a stone’s throw away and the sweet tang of the wild will lull you to sleep.

Ranging from around US$130 to US$190 a night for a two to four person tent, this is a more affordable option for the glamper who is looking to get away from it all.

Viewfinder Tip: When looking for a glamping site make sure to check if they have bedding or if you need to bring a sleeping bag.

Luxury Tents Near Davenport

For a rugged ranch that is deep in the heart of the rough scablands of Washington, look no further. These tents walk the line between rural and relaxed. With hot showers, flush toilets, and canvas walls you can’t go wrong.

Not far from Lake Roosevelt, this location is a sweeping scene from an old western. Set against this backdrop the ranch owners have prepared a camp that specializes in wellness retreats. With a host of llamas and alpacas on the ranch and all the comforts of a high class hotel room in a massive tent, this is a truly unique experience in area.

This retreat offers one of the most intimate introductions to the wild American West. It is a chance to reconnect with what matters most in your life, or to find it again if you’ve lost it.

Wild Retreat

Let’s get extreme. Perched on the water’s edge in the remote wilderness of Vancouver Island, Canada, lies one of the most extraordinary glamping sites in the Pac NW. Just shy of the township of Tofino is the multi-tent camp of Wild Retreat.

This series of brilliant white, prospector style tents, hosts not only furnishings, along with a kingsize bed, but also an ensuite bathroom in each tent. Wooden floors and showers are only the icing on the cake however. This campsite is snuggled into the depths of a temperate rainforest and each tent has a deck that drinks in the full majesty of the Pacific Canadian wilds.

With an acclaimed restaurant and spa on site it is difficult to get more luxurious while still technically camping.

Doe Bay

Also nestled on San Juan Islands, Doe Bay glamping center has a wide variety of accommodation from standard camping sites to cabins. The stars of the show however are the collection of yurts. Whether you want a vantage point high up over the Puget Sound or you’d prefer to be mere feet away from the high tide line, Doe Bay has an option for you.

They have an excellent selection of local flavors to try, including an organic garden that they use to fuel their cafe. With a deep and passionate commitment to the spirit of Doe Bay and to living a healthy and true lifestyle, the team behind Doe Bay has maintained a genuine retreat for those looking to escape into the glory of the Puget Sound and San Juan wilderness.

Their line up of hot soaking tubs, saunas, and massage facilities really make this local Pac NW gem stand out as one of the finest glamping sites in the nation. Take in some sea kayaking during the day and then unwind with local hard cider and a soak in the hot tub.

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