It takes more than a well-staged picture of your dinner to earn hearts on Instagram these days. As good as that plate of pasta primavera looks, it’s a dime a dozen we’re sorry to say. From interspecies friendships to extreme(ly photoshopped) images of feet dangling off the world’s tallest buildings, people are working a lot harder to get noticed. Of course, if you hit the destination jackpot, it’s a lot easier to snap people-pleasing photos and earn some new followers.

Our pick for the most Instagram-worthy hot spot right now? We’ve got to hand it to Marathon, Florida. When you think of the Sunshine State, places like Miami and Orlando are probably top of mind. But just because they get all the glory doesn’t mean they offer the best panoramas. Marathon is an island in the Florida Keys, somewhere between the neon of South Beach and the candy-colored estates of Key West. What makes it so special? The sea turtle sightings are a good start, and the bounty of sailboats in turquoise are something spectacular to see.

When you’re not spotting beauty in the wild, you can also snap some memorable shots at the Turtle Hospital, where you’ll meet sea turtles on the mend. Between the shots you’ll get of the Sombrero Key Light from the seat of your speedboat, and Pinterest-worthy snaps you’ll grab of bone-white sand at Sombrero Beach—yeah, we’d say the place is pretty Instagram-worthy.

Via Yelp/Brenda P.

These aren’t just any sunsets. Marathon delivers a bright canvas in the sky each night as the sun dips below the horizon. Case in point: this beautiful view from Island Fish Co. and Tiki Bar.

Ivory sand? Check. Water so blue it blends into the sky? Check. The ocean pictures you’ll capture in Marathon are hard to rival.

Marathon is the perfect place to get in a game of beach volleyball. While you’re catching a breather on the sidelines, grab your camera and get some epic action shots of the game. The backdrop couldn’t get any better.