The glitz! The glamour! The surprises! The spas! The constant party! These are the things that make Las Vegas one of the most popular cities in the world.

Many other destinations have tried to replicate the what-happens-here-stays-here vibe of Vegas, but few have come close. Every year, the city attracts millions of visitors from all over the world. Every year, its resorts and bars and restaurants and casinos and activities and natural beauty combine to make a lasting impression on those who come.

Most people who visit spend their time in Sin City exploring a very finite set of sites and activities. We encourage you to unlock all that Vegas has to offer with our mighty Las Vegas Pocket Guide.

From glitzy hotel casinos on the Las Vegas Boulevard (you probably know it as “The Strip”) to the high-wire magic of Cirque du Soleil, Expedia’s new survival guide has everything you need to know about Sin City—and then some.

The guide has specially designed sections for Culture Vultures, Party Animals, and Vegas Mavericks. It has tips for securing tickets for sell-out shows such as BAZ, Blue Man Group, Rock of Ages, and (of course) Boyz II Men. You’ll even find out where to get a cab in a hurry. And when it’s best to take an Uber.

We understand and appreciate that many travelers come to Las Vegas to log serious hours in the casino and win a fortune. We wish those risk-takers a heap of luck. For everybody else—those who come to Vegas to explore and experience and get themselves into all sorts of trouble they’ll never mention again—we offer our guide as a way to put yourself in the best position to have the time of your life.

Download a PDF version of our Las Vegas Pocket Guide by clicking here.