This post was authored by Kristy Nicholas, former director of investor relations for Expedia. Today, Kristy runs her own company, Clarity Global Communications, and works with us on a variety of different projects. She lives in Killarney, Ireland.

Late last year, Expedia announced a partnership with Routehappy in the United States. The partnership now has gone global. The goal of the partnership remains bringing Routehappy’s definitive and unbiased flight rating system directly to Expedia’s flight search results. Now, however, Expedia customers can now find Routehappy Flight Scores and Happiness Factors on flight routes worldwide.

This means you can find the flight featuring the amenities that will make you travel “happy” anytime and to almost anywhere.

Routehappy Flight Scores largely are based on hard data, and provide details on flight experience such as aircraft type, seat, amenities, trip duration, and flier ratings. Expedia’s global roll-out brings useful information to flight shoppers everywhere via a one-stop shopping experience, and continues to help airlines highlight differentiated product enhancements and offerings to travelers.

What flight feature will I be seeking when I book my next flight on Fresh food! Given my hectic travel schedule, I often use plane time as meal time. Thanks to the expanded partnership with Routehappy, I can choose my flight with more than 100 airlines worldwide based on the best menu selection for me. This might not sound like a big deal but it can be important. Especially because flying sans hunger pains is what makes me happy.

To learn more about Routehappy, experience a demo flight search application, read information about products, and peruse recent company news, please click here.