Maui's Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees

Maui’s colorful eucalyptus trees

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Finding Maui's most unusual tree

You’ve probably heard of Maui’s twisting and turning Road to Hana.  It’s a must-do on one of our favorite islands.

Something you have not likely heard of is Maui’s rainbow eucalyptus trees. They can be found right around mile marker seven on the Road to Hana and should not be missed on the 64-mile journey.

Have a look at the video below. You’ll see how these unique trees appear to have colorful patches painted on them. Rather, though, the purple, green, orange, blue, and red streaks come from what’s exposed when the trees shed their bark.

Have a look, and then head to Maui to see them for yourself.

What’s your top tip for Maui? 


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