We’re excited to present a new home for FlightBoard: your television! 

FlightBoard for tvOS makes it fun (and easy!) to explore flights at airports around the world, right from your couch. You can view departure and arrival flight information for over 3,000 airports and 1,400 airlines worldwide. You also can use the tool to heck real-time status for individual flights. 

When Apple announced the latest version of the Apple TV and the new tvOS App Store, we were excited to see what we could bring to the new platform. As we explored its capabilities, FlightBoard flew to the top of the list as a perfect fit as our first app for Apple TV and the Siri Remote.

In building the technology, we delivered the same simple and elegant interface from our award-winning FlightBoard iPhone and iPad app.

What does this new interface mean for travelers? Well, we’ve all been that person speeding to the airport to pick up the spouse after he or she returns from a business trip. With the FlightBoard for tvOS, you have the flight boards of the world at your fingertips. Can you squeeze in an episode of your favorite TV show before dashing to the airport? If the flight is delayed, you’ll know.

Providing quick and easy access to this type of actionable information is at the root of what Expedia loves about the intersection of technology and travel. Whether you’re checking flight status or daydreaming about the next getaway, we hope you enjoy the latest version of FlightBoard from the comfort of your couch.

Also, because we know exploring the potential of technology has the same appeal of exploring a new destination, we’re committed to making sure the future looks bright for what we can deliver to customers. We're planning to bring more features to the tvOS version of FlightBoard down the road, and we look forward to hearing your feedback on this new frontier.

You can download FlightBoard for US$3.99 on the App Store for tvOS. If you already own FlightBoard for iOS, we've got great news for you: FlightBoard for tvOS is free!

A version of this blog initially appeared on the Mobiata blog.