Music travel playlists

Music and travel have something in common: they keep us on our feet. The patchwork of a place is woven together by the sounds of song. So whether you’re traveling to somewhere new, or wanting to hear the sounds of somewhere familiar, we’d like to help.

Below you’ll find Spotify playlists from top destinations. Music by bands from these destinations help paint the truest picture possible, to help you learn a bit about the musical heritage of the world.

Travel playlists

music from dallas
music from las vegas
music from austin
music from memphis
music from vancouver
music from portland
music from houston
music from toronto
music from san francisco
featured image music from melbourne
music from dublin
featured image music from new orleans
featured image music from nashville
music from london featured image
featured image music mexico
featured image music from atlanta
music from los angeles
music from new york city
music from chicago
Seattle Playlist Music by bands from Seattle

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