If you haven’t seen the Expedia mobile app lately, you definitely should check it out.

We’ve released quite a few major updates and new features for the app over the past several months.

Now more than ever, the Expedia app is a one-stop shop for trip planning and booking on the go. Instant access to shop and browse Expedia’s leading inventory of flights, hotels, car rentals and local activities makes embarking on your next adventure a breeze.

Booking activities was the most recent functionality we added to our mobile app and it’s been a huge hit with customers so far. In addition to on-the-ground activities such as tours and adventures, you also can book ground transportation from the airport to your hotel. This means no more waiting in taxi lines! That especially is a nice luxury for business travelers on short trips.

Don’t believe travel planning could be that easy? Watch this brief video we created and see for yourself.