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Solo travel continues to be one of the fastest growing travel categories, and for good reason. Scheduling conflicts, diverse itineraries, and good old-fashioned bickering with the fam or your best friends might translate to a trip that doesn’t exactly leave you with mellow #vacationvibes. Traveling alone offers the chance to hit the open road, catch a flight to anywhere you please, and explore the world on your own terms. Data from Expedia’s first Solo Travel Report reveals 60% of travelers plan to take a solo trip in the next two years, proving travelers want more flexibility, convenience, and autonomy from their vacations. What’s even more interesting is that two-thirds of respondents agree they prefer the freedom of traveling alone and meeting new people over the desire to have a companion on vacation.

Expedia already makes it easy to plan a trip alone, save money, and explore a destination to the fullest. The new Solo Travel Report serves as an additional resource for first-timers and experienced solo travelers alike to discover destinations, helpful planning tips sourced from experts, and cool new insights on how to navigate a solo trip from start to finish.

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