A surprise father-daughter road trip

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Exploring National Parks with dad

Travel is my passion but family is the most important part of my life. And one of my greatest joys is to combine the two. This spring I surprised my dad with an invitation to join me on a road trip through two of the most famous national parks in the United States. We had taken a similar trip years ago when I was a kid. And this time, nearly 20 years later, we retraced our footsteps and paved new ground.

There is something very special about traveling as an adult with a parent. It provides an opportunity to create new, cherished memories that will surely last a lifetime. Riding through the most stunning landscape, we chatted about all parts of our lives—reminiscing on the past, catching up about the present and sharing dreams for the future. Our busy adult lives don’t usually provide this kind of uninterrupted time for real connection.

It may be a luxury, but hitting the road with mom or dad, grandpa or grandma, sister or brother is highly recommended by this travel expert. The video below highlights our touching journey.

What park will you visit? And with who?

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