7 ways to save money on travel

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Here are the latest travel hacks from Expedia you never knew could save time and money

We all have our reasons for traveling—wanderlust, the love of a new culture, a desire to just leave it all behind, the need to take a break from your daily routine, or the need to meet new people. Whenever we get that itch to get out of town, the last thing we want is to spend a lot of time and money planning a vacation. So we’ve put together some clever tips for seasoned jetsetters and globetrotters alike for how to save on travel when booking airfare, hotels, rental cars, and more.

Read on for some of Expedia’s insider travel hacks for 2018:

            1. Our top tip: Use Expedia’s Add-On Advantage
            2. 4 tips to save on airfare and hotel costs
            3. 3 tips on how to book a flight

How to save money with the Expedia Add-On Advantage

You can get discounted hotel rates when you add on to your existing trip. It’s called Add-On Advantage, and it’s exclusively for Expedia travelers. Begin by shopping for your flight tickets, rental car, activity or vacation package on Expedia.com. After you book, you’ll instantly unlock savings up to 43% off select hotels until the day of your trip—giving you time to find just the right hotel.

Why should I use the Add-On Advantage to save money?

Packages are a great way to save, but it isn’t always the easiest or most convenient way to book. In fact, nearly 50% of people prefer to book their flight first and come back for their hotel later.

It makes sense – the flight is the easy part, but choosing a hotel requires researching your destination, comparing rates and amenities, flipping through room photos. And it’s expensive to book everything all at once.

Is there more than one way to save with the Add-On Advantage?


Let’s say you know you want to go to New York, but you aren’t sure where you want to stay. After you lock in your airfare, you can take your time researching neighborhoods or proximity to attractions and still save on the hotel you choose.

Or if you booked a flight + hotel package in Orlando a few months ago, but now you need another room for a family member who decided to tag along at the last minute. Log back in to Expedia.com and snag another room at a discount. The Expedia Add-On Advantage is the perfect solution for travelers, no matter how or when they like to book.



4 tips on how to save money on flights and hotels

Our business is making your dream vacation affordable. We have the scoop on budget travel, so let our advice be your guide.

Book vacation rentals rather than multiple hotel rooms

Enjoy the comforts of home—spacious living, privacy and fully-stocked kitchens—by staying in a vacation rental. Expedia has millions of unique places to stay around the world, and travelers who rent vacation homes often get twice the space for half the cost of a hotel.

Check out last-minute deals for the cheapest hotel room nights

Sometimes life throws you a curveball and you can’t always plan ahead. Whether you’re booking a getaway on a whim or needing a place to rest during an unexpected event, the Last-Minute Deals page on Expedia.com has tons of flights, hotel, cruise and package deals that will help you save on travel.

Last-minute hotel deals: In some instances, waiting until the last minute to book a hotel can result in a lower average daily rate as some hoteliers look to fill as many rooms as possible.

Last-minute flight deals: Expedia’s cheap flight deals will save you money on your unplanned travel arrangements. Check out our huge selection of last-minute airfare, custom search options, and personalized recommendations to soar into your adventures tomorrow.

Use your Expedia.com account for exclusive rates

A really simple way to save on hotels and activities is by logging in when you visit Expedia.com.

When signed into your account, you’ll immediately see more than 70,000 hotels and 10,000 activities worldwide available at a 10% discount. Members also get points for every booking, which can be used to shave dollars off your next trip.

How to save money on travel using rewards points

The ability to earn points or miles or rewards is important, regardless of how frequently or infrequently you travel. If you haven’t already done so, sign up for ALL of the loyalty programs. Rack up the frequent flier miles, hotel points, and sign up for Expedia Rewards to double down—you’ll collect points on all your bookings and you can use them immediately.

Fly with points: When travelers collect enough points to cover the full cost of a flight, the “Use My Points” option will appear at checkout on Expedia.com.

Use as many or as few as you want: In addition to hotels, members can now redeem points to save money on rental cars and Things to Do (tours, attractions and activities). For added flexibility, you can redeem as many (or as few) available points as you want to shave a couple dollars off or to cover the full booking.

Redeem on packages: You also have the option to turn your points into a Flight + Hotel coupon worth $25 or more, which is good to redeem on any Flight + Hotel package on Expedia.com.


3 tips on the best time to book a flight and take a vacation

Believe it or not, there is a correlation between when you purchase airfare or accommodation and how much it could potentially cost. Here’s our advice.

Book your airfare at least 30 days out

Expedia’s annual Air Travel Outlook report found last-minute ticket purchases can cost a lot more than if you plan a little further in advance. Improve your odds even more by booking your flight on a Sunday. This generally results in the cheapest airfares, while the most expensive flights are booked on a Friday.

For Premium fares, Saturdays and Sundays are the best days to book cheap tickets.

Know the peak travel weeks to save money

Expedia conducted a study last year that found rental car demand spiked on summer Fridays, specifically ahead of July 4th and Labor Day. These are clearly big weekends for travel and road trips, so it’s a good idea to reserve your ride early to lock in availability and a good rate.

If you’re planning a trip during the holidays, try to avoid the peak travel days (usually the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and Sunday following) to score better prices and shorter lines at the airport.

Plan around holidays to maximize your time off

Keep in mind for your vacation planning how to use the holidays to your advantage. Most of us don’t have unlimited time off from work, so building your trip around three-day weekends, like Labor Day, can be a smart way to extend your trip and get the most out of your vacation.


The cheapest days of the week to travel

No matter where you’re headed, depart on a Friday:

Cheapest days to start an international trip: Thursdays and Fridays

Cheapest day to start a domestic trip within the United States: Friday


Now that you have the best tips to save money on travel, visit Expedia.com to start planning your next vacation.

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