Illuminated alleyways, twinkling bridges, cozy cafes, and fine French wine—there are countless reasons why Paris is considered one of the most romantic places on Earth. As Ernest Hemingway described it, “Paris is a moveable feast,” a city that encourages people to take their time, enjoy life, and delight each and every sense. As a visitor, it’s nearly impossible not to be taken over by this joie de vivre, and there any number of places to go and things to do in Paris to please your inner romantic. Here, our top 8 picks.

Dinner at the Eiffel Tower with Seine River Cruise
Feast on breathtaking sights of the City of Light as you dine on a 3-course meal fit for French nobility. Grab your sweetheart for a trip to the acclaimed 58 Tour Eiffel brasserie, where unencumbered views of Paris’ parks and avenues await you. In between gazing into each other’s eyes or out upon the city lit up at night, linger over culinary wonders like duck foie gras, roasted cod with risotto, and a classic cheese course for dessert. This package from CityVision also comes complete with a spectacular cruise down the Seine River. Following your meal, glide off along the water, sailing by the grand clocks of the Musée d’Orsay and the sparkling façade of the Louvre.

Eiffel Tower and Seine River at sunset in Paris

Pizza Picnic Date on the Canal Saint-Martin
For a less extravagant but equally unforgettable dining experience, head to Pink Flamingo in the 10th arrondissement. Here, at the unique pizzeria, you can order up an awesome pie to be delivered to you along the Canal Saint-Martin. With pink balloon in hand—a delightful way for the delivery man to find you—grab a seat along the water. Before you know it, your pink pizza box arrives carrying a cheesy creation with a thin and crispy crust. Enjoy a charming—and cheap!—late afternoon date as you savor a slice while watching other couples taking a stroll along the canal.

Romantic Sites of Montmartre Tour
Set off on a love-centric walking tour of the quaint neighborhood of Montmartre. With a passionate guide from Meeting the French leading the way, discover romantic pockets of the district while learning true tales of love from the city’s past and present. As you stroll down cobblestone lanes and past lovely cafes, see sites where romance has blossomed through the centuries. Hold hands with your honey as you stop to admire the public declarations of love scrawled on Le Mur des Je t’aime and pick up some vocab tips for practicing the language of l’amour on your own.

Couple at the I Love You Wall in Montmartre

Journey to the Temple of Love
Travel a bit out of the center of Paris to Bois de Vincennes, the largest public park in the city. Here, in the center of Lake Daumesnil, sits an island that boasts the Late Baroque-style Temple of Love. Grab your sweetheart for a walk onto the island via the bridge on the south side of the lake, or head to the northwest end to rent a rowboat. When you reach the island, the views do not disappoint, especially if you arrive in time for sunset. After visiting the temple, take a walk down the rocky stairway to discover a dreamy grotto along the shore of the island. Find a spot in the craggy cave to watch as the sun sinks below the horizon.

Private Sightseeing Tour in a Vintage Citroën
Travel back in time as you tour Paris in a vintage Citroën 2CV from the mid-1900s. Feel as if you’ve stepped into a scene from a classic French film as your private guide from 4 Roues sous 1 Parapluie drives you in style through the most stunning sites of the city. Get cozy in the backseat as you cruise by the luxury boutiques along Rue Saint-Honoré, scope out the Gothic architecture of Saint-Eustache Church, or watch the water spew from the colorful Stravinsky Fountain. On this customizable tour, you can tell your guide exactly where you want to go, or let them lead you to their favorite best-kept secrets—all from the comfort of France’s most iconic car.

VW Bug Tour of Paris

Tango Along the Seine River
When the weather is nice, tango enthusiasts and beginners alike flock to mini amphitheaters in the 5th arrondissement along the Seine River. Here, from twilight until the wee hours of the morning, couples romantically dance the night away to the sensual rhythm of violin and guitar. Even if you don’t want to dance, the spot is the perfect place for a late-night date. Bring a bottle of wine and a blanket for a mesmerizing musical evening under the stars.

Moulin Rouge Cabaret Show
No trip to Paris—especially for first-time visitors—would be complete without a cabaret performance at the famed Moulin Rouge. Celebrate the romance and glamour of the city at the legendary location, a Belle Époque venue that’s the spiritual birthplace of the modern can-can. Find your seat in the theater, sip on a glass of champagne, and wait for the velvet curtain to rise on the seductive show. Marvel as a troupe of 80 artists in glittering costumes kick up their heels and do cartwheels and flips to the rousing sounds of the music.

Close view of a performer at the Moulin Rouge in Paris
Oysters at a Sidewalk Café
If there’s 1 iconic activity in Paris, it’s lingering over delicacies at a quaint café. Treat yourself and your better half to a leisurely afternoon of aphrodisiacs like oysters and wine. For an old-world vibe, head to L’Ecailler du Bistrot, a charming seafood spot serving up elegant platters of oysters, lobster, and shrimp. For a trendier feel, make your way to Huîtrerie Régis, a tiny spot widely considered to be one of the best oyster bars in the city. Order up a round served with a lemon mignonette and ask the waiter for a recommendation for a perfectly paired glass of vin.

What are your favorite romantic things to do in Paris?