Over the years we here at Expedia have determined that travelers search an average of 48 times on eight different sites before booking a flight. 48 times! For some people, that search can end up taking hours.

To make this process easier, we recently announced Upgrade Options, a new technology that allows customers to compare flight options more easily.

We know there is a wide array of amenities on different flights, and we’re working with airlines to bring these options forward to travelers in a clear format so they can make informed decisions.

This video, embedded below, describes our vision for that concept. On the back-end, we continue to move forward by innovating unique ways to display this content.

At Expedia, we recognize that every traveler is unique, which is why we are empowering travelers to pinpoint exactly what’s included in certain flight prices. Armed with this information, travelers can book flights with the specific attributes and on-board amenities that matter most to them.