Not because they involve high stakes, or scintillating subject matter, but simply because of their out-of-this-world character. From hurling axes at fresh rounds of wood to hunting down simulated zombies with very real machine guns, if you’re looking for things to do in Las Vegas and you’re tired of gambling and drinking, this town’s got you covered.

Dig This: America’s Adult Sized Sandbox

man learning how to operate a bulldozer in Las Vegas

Hop in a digger and unleash your inner Bob the Builder as you live out childhood dreams of operating heavy machinery. In what equates to a massive sandbox, tool around in your choice of a dirt-pushing bulldozer or a dig-ready excavator and go to town. Scoop dirt out of holes, push that dirt around, scoop it back into holes, you name it! Enjoy thorough lessons from experienced instructors at Dig This and learn how to play games like basketball and teeter totter from the seat of multi-ton industrial machine.

Jetpack Experience at Lake Las Vegas

Man with a jet pack over a lake in Las Vegas

If you feel like everyone should be flying around on jetpacks by now, you’re not alone. Luckily, the team at Flyboard Las Vegas is ready to make that dream a reality.  Head to the shores of Lake Las Vegas and strap into a zippy jet pack that gets its lift from high-powered streams of water. Learn to do acrobatic stunts like corkscrew spins and dizzying flips, enjoy refreshing crashes into the cool water, and get tips on improving your skills from experienced crew members who offer tips from close by.

Top Gun Flight

Two smiling men with thumbs up sign inside the airplane at Sky Combat Ace in Las Vegas

Sightseeing flights are great if you just want to look around, but while you’re up there, you may as well grab the controls and do a bit of flying yourself. With Sky Combat Ace, you can team up with experienced stunt pilots to learn how to steer ultra-agile planes into stomach-dropping flips, loop-the-loops, and barrel rolls. By the end of your heart-pounding flight, head back to the landing strip and perform your hardest trick yet—landing.

Zombie Hunt Shooting Experience

It’s not a question of if—it’s a matter of when the zombies decide to stage their ultimate assault on humankind. Get your aim right and train your trigger finger to fire at will as you head to the ranges of The Range 702 for a chance to take out undead targets with your choice of high-powered weapon. From the fully automatic rounds of an M4 to the guaranteed hits of a 12-gauge shotgun, there are plenty of options when you’re ready to take out your first skin-dripping zombie.

Axe Monkeys: Indoor Axe Throwing

Woman with axe at Axe Monkeys in Las Vegas

We’d like to think that in olden times, throwing axes at wooden targets was probably considered a pretty standard game of chance, long forgotten in the age of digital slot machines and Keno. Relive the glory days by heading to Axe Monkeys for Paul Bunyan’s version of darts. Line up in front of freshly cut rounds of pine painted with red targets, choose your favorite hatchet, and let loose until you get your blade to sink satisfyingly into the wood, pausing to get tips and feedback on your technique from Axe Monkey team members along the way.

Off-Road Adventures

Close view of the Desert Off Road Experience in Las Vegas

Smack dab in the middle of a desert, Vegas has always entertained drivers looking to push the limits of their cars. With nary a tree or obstacle for miles in any direction, it’s the sort of place that begs to be explored with the pedal pressed to the floor.

Take to the dusty trails beyond The Strip for an off-roading experience that makes the Dukes of Hazzard look like the go-carts at the county fair. The pros at Vegas Off-Road Experience are happy to put you behind the wheel of high-octane trucks built to tackle the harsh terrain of the Nevada badlands.

Exotic High-Speed Racing

Ferrari Italia and Lamborghini Huracan race around the exotics racing course

If bumpy rides in the backcountry isn’t your style, but you still feel the need for speed, head to Exotics Racing and get behind the wheel of a car most people could only afford if they robbed several good banks. Learn to nail apex lines in a V10 Audi R8, speed down straightaways in a Lamborghini Gallardo, or slip into the leather seat of a Ferrari F430 to zoom around challenging tracks in supercar style.

What radical activities have you heard about in Vegas?