Why you should visit a European market

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Uncovering why local markets are one of the best ways to spend an afternoon in Europe

Most major cities in Europe have markets where you can buy local food and goods. You can find markets in cities like Paris, Barcelona, and London. My husband and I traveled to Warsaw, Poland in August 2016 and visited the Targ Śniadaniowy or “Breakfast Market.” It was one of our favorite days during our year long backpacking trip. Here’s why we loved it so much.

Similar to other markets in Europe, the Targ Śniadaniowy has tons of vendors selling a variety of local dishes. We walked around the stalls and found fresh vegetables, homemade cheese, and lots of desserts. One of the treats we found was the traditional Polish dish called “racuchy.” It looks like an apple pancake. Vendors make the dish by rolling apple slices in flour, dipping them in a thick batter, and frying them in oil to make them nice and crispy. Then, it’s topped with powdered sugar and fresh berries. It was so tasty! Stop by the Vegushka stall at Targ Śniadaniowy for some of the best racuchy.

Viewfinder Tip: Ask the market vendors about their favorite dishes to learn about the local specialities.

In addition to tasting delicious food, European markets are also a fun way to spend a weekend afternoon. We went to the market with three of our friends and we had a blast. After we walked around the stalls and picked out food, we put a picnic blanket on the grass and ate our lunches. It felt so nice to sit outside and enjoy a lazy day in the sun. We want to do it again soon! Check out the video below to learn more about European markets.

What’s your favorite way to experience local food and culture?

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