Does your favorite destination dance to the sounds of nature or hustle with the shuffle and swish of city sounds? Here are 10 communities where you’ll want to ditch your earbuds and listen to the quintessential sounds of America.

1. Baseball — Cooperstown, New York

Join the cry of excitement as the crack of the bat and the smack of leather send another homerun into the stadium seats. The summer tournaments at Cooperstown Dreams Park close with the spark and fizz of fireworks, and stories echo through the off-season at the National Baseball Hall of Fame.


2. Hiking — Boulder, Colorado

With the wind whipping through the wildflowers, wander through the famous Flatirons, or swill a pint of Blackberry Wheat beer at Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery as you amble along the Boulder Beer Trail. Your own footsteps never sounded so good.


3. Church bells — Franklin, Tennessee

Seeking the staccato serenade of church bells, stand at the corner of Fifth Avenue South and savor the clatter and chorus of the Historic Sanctuary of Franklin First United Methodist Church. For whom do the bells toll?

Red brick historical church building with steeple against a blue sky from the perspective of the ground, looking up.

Wesley Sparkmon


4. Waterfalls — Yosemite Valley, California

Yosemite Valley is home to soothing and spectacular sounds. It’s the closest community to the cacophony of cascading currents of Yosemite Falls. Splashing from 2,425 feet, this is the tallest waterfall in North America.


5. Rushing rivers — Davenport, Iowa

Davenport goes with the flow of the Mighty Mississippi. Order the Raging River ale with a side of the mac and cheese at Front Street Brewery and feast your ears on the rush and roar of the region’s racing waters.


6. Hitting jackpots! — Atlantic City, New Jersey


7. Amusement park rides — Orlando, Florida


8. Busy street traffic — New York City, New York


9. Crashing ocean waves — Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


10. Cuban salsa music — Miami, Florida

We thought it’d be fun to explore what America sounds like with this article. You can discover more travel sensations, and learn about the US from the comfort of home.