Celebrate World UFO Day on July 2 by planning a trip to search for extraterrestrials, stargaze, or explore all things space while keeping your feet on planet Earth. Landing on the anniversary of the renowned Roswell Incident—an alleged flying saucer crash, debris recovery, and subsequent government coverup—that occurred in 1947, World UFO Day invites you to pause and ponder if we really are alone in the universe. Whether you’re a UFO enthusiast or a skeptic, start your own cosmic journey to these destinations of alien activity and space exploration for World UFO Day.

Area 51 and Roswell, New Mexico on World UFO Day

The Extraterrestrial Highway seen on the way to Area 51

Thanks to the infamous 1947 UFO crash and alleged government coverup, Area 51 attracts alien seekers from around the globe. This “non-existent” military facility is off-limits to human visitors, but you can get right to the perimeter on an Area 51 tour from Las Vegas. Journey to Roswell, New Mexico to learn more about the 1947 event at the International UFO Museum and Research Center. Presenting eye-witness accounts, a diorama of an alien autopsy, and a fragment recovered from the Roswell Incident—the truth is out there. Nowhere else celebrates World UFO Day quite like Roswell. Stay for a whole weekend in early July for the multi-day UFO Festival, which features Ufologist speakers, alien costume contests, and an evening light parade.

UFO Sightings in Chile

A Full Moon Above Moon Valley in Chile

Chile records some of the most UFO sightings in the world making it a perfect destination for World UFO Day. Trek the 19-mile UFO trail through the Andes Mountains from San Clemente to see if you can catch a piece of the astronomical action. Further north in Chile’s Atacama Desert, various observatories watch exquisitely clear skies with instruments like the Very Large Telescope (yes, that’s its actual name). Even if you don’t encounter aliens, feel like a spacewalker yourself in the Mars and Moon Valleys where towering sand dunes and crimson rocks crusted with salt seem like the surface of another planet.

Stargazing in Joshua Tree, California on World UFO Day

Joshua Tree National Park at Night with the moon rising

The spiky limbs of Joshua trees look rather alien themselves, which perhaps explains why Joshua Tree National Park draws so many terrestrial and supposed extraterrestrial visitors each year. Not to mention that Joshua Tree lies on the 33rd North parallel just like Roswell. The desert landscape is beautiful in its own right, but keep your eyes open for traces of the secret alien base rumored to be hiding somewhere underground. Escape the city lights of San Diego or Palm Springs and spend an evening stargazing in Joshua Tree or the nearby Coachella Valley Preserve.

The Mysterious Standing Stones of Stonehenge

The Sun Shining Through Stonehenge on World UFO Day

No one really knows how the ancient people of England managed to construct the massive stone circle of Stonehenge over 5,000 years ago. Did they get help from aliens? Is it a giant mothership landing pad or an astronomical clock? Make your own assessment by taking a day trip to Stonehenge from London. Arrive at sunrise or sunset to see how the sun shines through the standing stones and keep an eye out for mysterious glowing lights in the area. Most visitors are only allowed to see the stones from outside the circle, but you can join a special tour to enter the inner ring of Stonehenge for a more mystical experience.

The UFO Capital of Australia

Bright lights in the night sky that could be aliens

The tiny town of Wycliffe Well claims the title of UFO capital of Australia. With frequent sightings during the dry season, go between May and October to increase your chance of a close encounter. Wycliffe Well embraces its claim to fame and offers the chance to snap selfies with UFO-themed murals and life-sized statues of little green men. Located in the remote Northern Territory along the Stuart Highway, it’s a good place for a pit stop during the long drive from Alice Springs to Darwin.

Have Lunch with an Astronaut

Lunch with an astronaut at the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando

Even if you can’t currently book a trip to space through Expedia, you can still have lunch and chat with someone who has traveled off planet. Who better to ask about extraterrestrials than an astronaut? Head to the Kennedy Space Center from Orlando to ogle at all things NASA. Upgrade to the Ultimate Experience to enjoy lunch with an astronaut and question him or her about unexplained phenomena in the Milky Way. Don’t worry, your lunch won’t all be freeze-dried space food and Tang. If you time your visit right, you may even see a rocket launch.

World UFO Day at The Sedona Vortexes

The sun setting in Sedona during a Vortex tour on World UFO Day

Sedona, Arizona abounds with mystery. Visitors often come looking for spiritual healing, a connection with the cosmos, or peaceful red-desert beauty. Take a tour into the inexplicable heart of a Sedona Vortex to see if you can feel its mystical energies. At night, look to the stars in search of pulsating lights that often appear as orbs, triangles, or tubes. Nearby ancient carvings have been deciphered as images of alien encounters and some locals claim to be abductees. What will you find in Sedona?

Perm Anomalous Zone in Russia

Woman meditating in the Ural Mountains seeking the mysteries of the universe

Known for strange occurrences akin to the Bermuda Triangle, the Perm Anomalous Zone, or Molyobka Triangle, located in Russia’s Ural Mountains beckons to UFO seekers near and far. Stories of paranormal activity include bigfoot sightings, spheres of colored lights, and watches that mysteriously stop ticking. The small village of Molyobka blipped on the Ufologist radar when in the 1980s geologist Emil Bachurin reported seeing a strange light and found 206-foot (63-m) circular impressions left in the snow. Local villagers shrugged as such things were common where they lived.

Visit Your Local Planetarium or Observatory for World UFO Day

A kid looking through a telescope at the Observatory at Adler Planetarium in Chicago

If you haven’t seen aliens yet, maybe you need a bigger telescope. Take a closer look at our solar system’s planets or galaxies trillions of miles away at the Doane Observatory at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago. At the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, view the 1,000-foot (305-meter) radio telescope used by scientists for radio astronomy, atmospheric science, and radar astronomy. See if you can find an observatory open to the public near you for an out of this world experience on World UFO Day.